Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Following his recent scandal with the failed irony of “Feminist” — and his outburst at a concert on December 2 — San E and Brand New Music have mutually decided to terminate his contract. 
  • Tiffany was the latest celebrity to have a family debt scandal come to light. Tiffany released a personal statement through her agency clarifying that she has not been in touch with her father — who owes a debt of 35 million won — in seven years, and that she has paid off his debts before. She also apologized to anyone who has been hurt by his actions. 
  • IZONE fans are not happy about Miyawaki Sakura And Yabuki Nako’s planned participation in an upcoming HKT48 concert, claiming it is a betrayal against their promise to promote with IZONE. The agency quickly responded to fans official complaint, saying that the planned concert is a special anniversary event and the members will be attending as IZONE members. 

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Got7‘s latest Present was the wintery MV for “Miracle.” 
  • Junflo teamed up with Boa for “Autopilot.” 
  • Red Velvet weren’t the only group to have a horror concept little late this year, Laboum rehabilitated zombies in their latest, “Turn it On.”
  • Onew‘s Voice impressed our reviewer with it’s haunting ballads. 
  • It just isn’t a holiday season without a Starship Planet Christmas release. This year’s gift is the aptly named, “Christmas Time.” 
  • Up10ton did some detective work in “Blue Rose.” Look forward to our review! 
  • Kim Dong-ryul and IU topped the charts with “Fairy Tale.” 
  • Fei dropped another Chinese single, “Hello” featuring Got7‘s Jackson

Teasers & Announcements

  • Looks like Exo will return to a life of crime in the MV for “Love Shot” out on December 13. 
  • Ladies’ Code will put out a special seasonal track, “The Last Holiday” on December 12. 
  • Twice will also join in on the festive cheer on the 12th with their special album The Year of Yes.
  • Infinite Woohyun‘s digital single “This Song Now” will be released on December 13. 
  • Our next SM Station collab will be “Hair in the Air” featuring Red Velvet’s Yeri, and NCT‘s Jeno, Renjun and Jaemin
  • Fantagio‘s final FM201.8 track “All I Want” will feature Weki Meki and Astro. So far we’ve gotten some pretty festive teasers
  • Jiyeon will be back with the digital single “One Night” on December 22. 
  • SNSD‘s Sooyoung will be releasing her first solo single through Echo Global Group some time this month. 
  • Jellyfish Entertainment is planning to debut their new boy group VeriVery in January of 2019. 
  • IZONE are preparing a Japanese debut for February 2019. 

Other News

  • Girl’s Day Yura and G Idle were among the latest batch of celebrities to be named honorary ambassadors to Seoul. 
  • BtoB’s Changsub will hold a farewell concert before beginning his military service on January 14. 
  • Block B‘s Jaehyo will also be enlisting on December 20. 
  • Song Joong-ki will be hosting the 2018 Hong Kong MAMAs. 
  • Woohee‘s contract ended with Happy Face Entertainment, meaning Dal Shabet is technically disbanded. 

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