Three months after their return with Present: YouGot7 released a re-issued album, Present: You & Me, together with a new title track, “Miracle”. The sweet ballad is a Christmas-like track which shows off the vocal skills of the members. Accompanied by a fantastical plot and the set of a winter wonderland, the MV for “Miracle” is as emotionally moving as the track. 

The music video opens with a little girl who is having trouble falling asleep. While her neighbours are having fun playing in the snow, she is left alone at home. Got7 members appear as her guardian angels who light up her life (literally), although she only ends up seeing them at the end. The highlights of the video are definitely the small, thoughtful ways the members care for her. The footprints in the snow left by a dancing Yugyeom, the sweet way JB picks a sweater and earmuffs for her to wear out; these moments leave viewers in as much wide-eyed wonderment as the girl in the video. The fact that the members remain unseen to the girl for most of the video adds to the magical quality of the story, and the video is littered with amazing shots of flying teacups and doors opening on their own. 

Lighting plays a significant role in this video, especially in scenes like when Youngjae magically lights up the dark streets, making it warm and colourful. The spotlight on Jinyoung when he first appears also highlights how just one person can bring light into an otherwise dark world. This contrast between light and darkness ties in very nicely with the lyrics of the song, which speak of how the presence of a particular person miraculously brings joy and warmth to what is normally a lonely season:

Ever since you came here 

The winter’s not as cold as it used to be anymore

Because I have you 

Who is looking at me 

I especially enjoyed how many scenes, such as that of the members enjoying a view of the milky way with the little girl, and of Jackson lighting up a cold living room and its fireplace, are perfectly aligned with the lyrics of the song. Apart from showing the clear direction of the music video, the story behind the lyrics is brought out in a striking, visual manner, allowing viewers to really appreciate the beauty of this whole release.

The choice of the little girl as the main character prevents the story from being confined to a romantic one; instead, it emphasizes the impact we can each have on the people around us, and how our small actions are able to bring joy to them.  The gentle smiles on the faces of the members throughout the video, a far cry from their usual angst-filled expressions, is also lovely to watch. In this season of Christmas, this whole release feels especially appropriate and heartwarming. 

The warmth of this video is enhanced by the stunning vocals of the members. Yugyeom, in particular, stands out with his many vocal parts, and his airy emotional voice really works with the charming melody of this song. The deep melodic raps of Mark, Jackson, and Bambam also balance the high notes of the vocalists while fitting in nicely with the song’s comforting vibes.  The layering of instrumentals and backing harmonies is well done, especially at the climax of the song, even though its eventual end is a little abrupt. The vocal talents of Got7 really shine with “Miracle”, especially since this song is particularly challenging in terms of its high register and rhythmic structure. 

While it is unusual for Got7 to release a ballad as a title track, “Miracle” is a beautiful way for the group to wrap up their successful year. The members convey so much joy through this song and it truly is the best Christmas present for their fans. I can’t wait to see more of Got7’s diverse charms in 2019, especially since they have proven themselves more than capable of delivering ballads like this. 

(Youtube. Images via JYP Entertainment)