Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Most of South Korea took a week off for the Chuseok holidays, and so did we; but, we’re back this week with a double update of all the news you might have missed!


  • While Shin Se-kyung and Apink’s Bomi were filming Pocha without Borders in Europe, a hidden camera was discovered in their dorm room, disguised as a portable battery pack. Police are investigating the case.
  • A follow-up on Goo Hara’s case: the singer-actress was revealed to have sprains all over her body including the cervix, her face, legs, and arms. This is in addition to the uterus and vaginal haemorrhage she had suffered following the assault incident with her ex-boyfriend. However, the latest update from Goo has her stating she would like to back away from fighting the assault case. She stated that public and media scrutiny has made it difficult for her to fight the case without her coming off her as childish. Moreover, she has since claimed the fight was not the fault of just one party, but rather due to the both of them. This is after the idol had turned up at Gangnam Police Station to aid in the investigation about the case.
  • The Boyz members Sunwoo and New both fell into controversy this week over past misogynistic social media posts. Though some fans petitioned for the two to be removed from the group, Cre.Ker Entertainment released a statement saying that they will do their best to make sure nothing like this happens in the future.
  • iKon‘s Goo Junhee also found himself in hot water this week following a social media post of a drawing given to him by Kitano Takeshi — a controversial Japanese actor who in the past made anti-Korean statements. When fans responded with concern over the post, Junhee commented “Don’t tell me what to do,” which only fueled fans ire. Junhee later released an apology, but it was soon forgotten after he made the mistake of referring to Taiwanese fans as “Chinese” during a concert.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist above for all the new releases!
  • Jellyfish’s new boy group, Verivery, released “Super Special” as an OST for their reality show.
  • f(x)’s Amber was lost in “White Noise” for her latest music video.
  • Got7 claimed that their lover’s words were like a “Lullaby” in their latest music video.
  • The members of Dreamcatcher were confused with their nightmares in “What”.
  • The ladies of WJSN were gorgeous guardians in “Save Me, Save You”.
  • Uni.t professed their love in their final comeback video for “I Mean”.
  • Ahead of their One More Time comeback, Super Junior‘s pre-release “Animals” topped some international charts. Their official comeback will be on October 8.
  • Monsta X shared the special MV for “If Only“.
  • Tiffany Young did some schooling in her MV for “Teach You” featuring some SNSD member cameos.
  • Seulgi, Chungha, SinB, and Seoyeon‘s “Wow Thing” is the SM Station collab we all needed.

Teasers & Announcements

  • Boys Republic has teased their fifth single, Ending Credit, ahead of their indefinite hiatus.
  • VIXX‘s Leo is set for another solo release, this time featuring Hanhae. “You, Who Are Here, And Yet Not” will be released on October 2.
  • The Rose will be coming back with their second mini album, Dawn, on Oct 4.
  • SNSD’s Yuri will make her solo debut with The First Scene on October 4.
  • Look out for Snuper‘s special edition album You in My Eyes also due on October 8.
  • iKon teased the title track of their upcoming album, New Kids: The Final, with a lyric narration video. The album is set to be releases on Oct 10.
  • Weki Meki will be returning with their first single, Kiss, Kicks, on Oct 11.
  • NCT 127 will return with NCT #127 Regular-Irregular on Oct 12. There will be 11 tracks in total, including an English version of their title track.
  • Exo’s Lay will make a US debut on Oct 19 with Namanana, consisting of 11 Chinese tracks, and another 11 English versions of the same tracks. The pre-release “Give Me a Chance” will be out on October 5.
  • Apink’s Eunji will make a solo comeback on Oct 17 with a mini-album.
  • Zion. T will make a comeback with a full album in October as well.
  • IU, too, will make a comeback in October. Though details are not out yet, it will most likely coincide with her tenth anniversary in October.
  • ElrisSohee is gearing up for a solo debut.

Other News

  • BTS was invited to United Nations General Assembly on Sep 24 to give a talk during the launch of UNICEF’s global partnership Generation Unlimited. BTS has previously worked with UNICEF for their #ENDViolence campaign which stands against violence towards youth.
  • YG Entertainment has teased the opening of X Academy, a dance academy set up by the company, with Winner’s Seunghoon. The instructors at the academy include members from the dance teams of Black Pink, Big Bang and Winner.
  • Loona members were involved in a car accident; but, rest assured, Block Berry Creative confirmed no one was injured and they will focus on safety in the future.
  • Some label news:
    • Mad Clown and Starship Entertainment have parted ways.
    • Thunder has also left Mystic Entertainment in order to set up his own agency.
    • Following her departure from JYP, Somi has signed with The Black Label.

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