Summer may be cooling down but we’re looking back at MVs that still embodies the heat and excitement of the season. This month MVs were mostly plotless– focusing more on aesthetics and dance routines.

D-Crunch, “Palace”


To start off the list, we have D-Crunch who debuted with the stand-out song, “Palace.” The MV is on the simplistic side with the boys dressed in identical black outfits with baseball caps like they’re the villains of a crime-themed K-drama. While other MVs differentiate each member and emphasize their visuals, D-Crunch’s MV hardly lets you get a clear view of any member’s face. In effect, we’re force to focus more on their talents in singing, rapping, and dancing. It’s definitely a daring move for a debut and they mostly make it work.

Although the song’s tune isn’t as polished as I’d like, the lyrics are cocky and memorable with lines like “I wake up in my palace/We are independent/You know it you can’t reach it.” The dark shadows and basic color scheme give the group a mysterious concept and goes well with the song’s synths and beat. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what else D-Crunch has to offer.

Loona, “favOriTe”

Loona’s MV for their pre-release, “favOrite,” is a dance performance which is perfect for its brassy beat. It’s not the type of tune I would have expected from them, and it’s great seeing them tackle this sound with such confidence. The girls wear simple and clean-cut white and gray uniforms that blend in with its mostly monochromatic scheme. Although on paper that that might sound dull, the girls manage to liven up the scene with their vivid performance.

The dance routines are interesting sometimes breaking up into smaller groups to focus on only on a few girls. They’re rarely performing the same moves at the same time, and even change up the sequence every time the chorus is repeated. It’s an MV that keeps itself interesting without flashy costumes and a convoluted plot.

(G)I-dle, “Hann”

(G)I-dle blew us all away with their wildly successful debut with the song “Latata.” With such an aggressively catchy first single, we all eagerly waited to see if they could keep up the hype. It looks like this group is here to slay the competition with the exotic tune and bold MV titled, “Hann.”

The MV is aesthetically-pleasing with its desert concept which sets the tone for the abrasive lyrics. The song is about being scorned by a lover and moving on from that person to the extent that you forget they exist. It’s not about being sad but appreciating that you’re now better off alone:

I didn’t know you when I saw you,

That’s right

I’ll only smile because now

I don’t know you.

Soyeon starts off the MV with a striking scene showing she’s been stung by a scorpion and then licking the blood off her finger like it’s no big deal. The girls sometimes wear sheer black outfits which contrast nicely with their bright and patterned outfits in other scenes. The dance routine incorporates several interesting hand and arm movements that sway beautifully with the music. Most notable is when three members stand in front of the other three extending their arms in hard angles creating a look like they have additional limbs. The imagery suggests a godly being which plays into the MV’s assertive concept.

MXM, Ya Ya Ya

The duo released a fun and upbeat tune that’s followed by an equally adorable MV. For the simple plot of the MV, we see each member trying to unsuccessfully flirt with a barista. A song after my own heart, the lyrics compare the anxiety of a crush with the effects of coffee:

You’re like bitter coffee
Preventing me from sleeping, so scary
I’m addicted to you
Can’t escape, yeah.

The dance sequence is performed with several background dancers which fill up the screen creating the feel of a large boy group. Their routine doesn’t take itself too seriously with lots of bops, hops, and sometimes loose dance moves. The duo constantly wears enthusiastic and silly facial expressions that add to the whimsical tone of the MV.

Hyolyn, “Bae”

The disbandment of Sistar was a great heartbreak, and we felt the pain even more as we came into the summer without the queens releasing their annual single. However, Hyolyn proves that she’s fully capable of carrying the torch on her delighting us with the sugary pop single, “Bae.”

The MV starts off in a 50’s inspired diner in a musical-style routine in which we see Hyolyn expressing interest in a male character. After the first verse, we see she flirtatiously approaches him again and performs the rest of the song with him. While there is somewhat of a plot, the MV is still dance-heavy with varying routines like when she’s sitting at the diner and using only hand movements to express the song’s beat. As a soloist, Hyolyn has brought her talents to a whole new level showcasing her amazing voice and dancing capabilities.

Imfact, “Nanana”

Imfact has pretty much flown under the radar, and I really didn’t pay much attention until I saw them perform at KCON where they premiered “Nanana.” The MV for the single is simple and clean with blue tinted and monochromatic visuals. There’s no dance-sequence and instead, we see the boys hanging around a city creating a chill vibe. This plays well with the song which has a mellow, electronic tone.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of the overuse of autotune, it seems to fit with the catchy chorus which is balanced out by Taeho’s and Jeup’s smooth vocals. Overall, this song serves as a more cooled-down summer hit.

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