Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed this week:


  • The Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) announced that all of it would boycott activities that involve Fantiago Entertainment until the entertainment company resolves all its management issues with regards to the contracts of their actors.
  • The Ministry of National Defence has lowered the durations for military enlistment. The duration has lowered from 21 months to 18 month for those in the army/marines, 23 months to 20 months for those in the navy, 24 months to 22 months for those in the airforce, and from 24 months to 21 months for those in public service.
  • Though 2PM‘s Taecyeon has left JYP Entertainment for 51KJYP has clarified that he would still continue to promote with the group.
  • Twice‘s concert, Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Land, has been cancelled due to safety issues at the venue, after the ladies had arrived in the country. They took to Instagram to apologise to their fans.
  • Spectrum member Dongyoon, who was also on MixNine, passed away on July 27. The team at Seoulbeats offers their condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist above for the compilation of all the comebacks this week!
  • Seungri made a long-awaited return with The Greatest Seungri, releasing two videos: “1, 2, 3!” last week and “Where R U From“, featuring Mino this week.
  • FT Island sang of a “Summer Night’s Dream” for their sixth mini-album, What If. 
  • Astro claimed it’s “Always You” for their comeback.
  • Kard dropped “Ride On The Wind” for their mini-album of the same name.
  • Jeong Sewoon sang of becoming “20 something” in his latest music video.
  • 100Percent showed off their refreshing vocals in “Grand Bleu“.
  • In2it were proudly unapologetic for their English in “Sorry For My English“.
  • John Park dropped “Understand“, dedicating the single to the singles out there, saying it’s alright to be alone.
  • Laboum returned with a mature look in “Between Us“.
  • Newkidd released “Shooting Stars” ahead of their debut.

Teasers & Announcements

  • Zico has released a teaser for “Soulmate”, his collaboration with IU, set for release on July 30.
  • Vixx’s Leo will be releasing his first mini-album, Canvas, on July 31st. He has released a highlight medley of his tracks as a teaser.
  • Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo will release a single, True, on July 30. 
  • iKon will be making a comeback on August 2 with New Kids Continue, with “Killing Me” as their title track.
  • Red Velvet will release their sixth mini-album, Summer Magic, on August 6.
  • BTOB Blue, consisting of Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik, and Sungjae, will make a comeback sometime in early August.

Other News

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