Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of The SB Mixtape!

International Women’s Day is almost upon us, and this year’s occasion feels especially charged considering the ongoing #MeToo movement that has now reached South Korea. With each allegation and unfortunate defence of yet another abusive man, I am just about done with the male species.

Sadly, I’m still required to interact with men on a daily basis, so whenever I need some respite it’s good to have this playlist handy.

Just like its predecessor, all lyric and songwriting credits belong to women and are also 100% performed by women. This is why “Palette,” despite being solely composed by IU, misses out due to G-Dragon‘s involvement. It’s still a great song, though, as are many others co-created by women that deserve to be heard, too!

To make up for it, though, there are new inclusions that I have discovered since making the first playlist, like Sunwoo Jung-a, Lucite Tokki, and Girl’s Day‘s Sojin. We also have tried and true favourites IUBoA, and Neon Bunny. Check it out below!

And of course, don’t forget non-Spotify songs like BoA’s “No. 1”

Readers, what are your favourite woman-made pieces of music, both within and outside of K-pop? Let us know in the comments below!


(Image via: SM Ent.)