Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The #MeToo movement continues to make headway in South Korea:
    • Actress Choi Yul used Instagram to expose actor Jo Jae-hyun‘s rumored sexual misconduct. Though she didn’t go into detail, she mentioned that she has been waiting for his misdeeds to be revealed for a long time. The actor later confirmed the allegations and offered an apology and has left the TvN drama Cross.
    • Director Cho Geun-hyun was accused of making inappropriate — and potentially coercive — comments to an unnamed actress in December 2017 under the guise of discussing her acting in an upcoming music video. While the unnamed actress did not say that he tried to physically engage her, she said the conversation made her very uncomfortable and embarrassed. The director issued an apology for his actions, saying that his intention was not to harm.
    • Actor Jo Min-ki was accused of sexual harassment of his students while he taught at Cheongju University, his agency denied the claims. Actress Song Ha-neul came forward via Instagram to confirm the reports with her own story. The actor has since stepped down from his role in Children of the Small God, and been fired by the university.
  • Momoland and their agency Double Kick have been accused of sajaegi (bulk buying), following a suspicious single day spike in Great! album sales that caused them to top the Hanteo Chart earlier this month. The company said the album sales came from a Japanese company who bought the albums as a promotional gift, and provided receipts. Hantaeo rejected the evidence and will be seeking further proof that the albums were fairly bought.
  • The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics came to an end on Sunday night with CL and Exo headlining the closing ceremony. Did you manage to catch the show?

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Boa‘s One Shot Two Shot impressed our reviewer.
  • NCT U declared that they are the “Boss” in a new MV. The second half of the release, “Baby Don’t Stop” is due on February 27.
  • Yoseob‘s “Where I am Gone” was more of a visual experience than a lyrical masterpiece.
  • CLC tried on yet another style in “Black Dress.” Has Cube finally taken a step back from trying to make the group 4 Minute 2.0?
  • Weki Meki came back with “La La La.”
  • Monsta X‘s I.M. shared the MV for his mixtape track “Fly With Me.”
  • Vromance‘s Confession Trilogy Project welcomed Part 2: “Star.”
  • Minty‘s “You Do” stirred some controversy for potential Lolita themes. What’s your take?
  • Jung Seung Hwan turned up the melancholy in “It’s Raining.”
  • After leaving History behind, Nano debuted as soloist with “Forever You & I.”
  • MBLAQ‘s G.O. teamed up with S.I.S. Dal for “Good Dream.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Wanna One‘s Golden Age comeback has been confirmed for March 19.
  • Speaking of Produce 101 Season 2 contestants, Jang Moon Bok will also release his first solo mini album in March.
  • Heize will return on March 8 with a new mini album.
  • April announced their 5th mini albumThe Blue.
  • Dreams will come true on February 27 with Cosmic Girls‘ fourth mini album, Dream Your Dream.
  • Mamamoo shared a cute behind the scenes teaser for their March 7 return.
  • Got7‘s Eyes on You track list is here. The new album is due out on March 12, but a special pre-release featuring Hyorin will be released February 28. In addition to the comeback, Got7 now have their own webtoon, GET!
  • BTSJ-hope is dropping his first mixtape on March 2.
  • Check out the album preview for Infinite Seunggyu‘s solo album 10 Stories.
  • Jeon Seoyeon‘s digital single “Idle Song” is coming on February 28.
  • We have some Japanese debuts to look forward to:
    • GFriend plans to debut in Japan through King Records this spring.
    • Seventeen will release their first Japanese album on May 30.
  • Casting news:
    • Chansung (2PM) will star in the web drama Romance Written Differently starting February 28.
    • Momoland’s Yeonwoo will begin her acting career with the MBC drama, The Great Temper alongside Red Velvet‘s Joy.
    • It’s the end of an era: Jung Hyung-don and Defconn will step down as hosts of Weekly Idol. How do you think the show will fare following their departure?

Other News

  • ToppDogg is rebranding as Xeno-T. The name is meant to be a combination of “xenogeneic” and “top-class,” but it reminds me more of copy machine toner.
  • Romeo‘s Milo is under reflection after it was revealed that he tried to proposition an underage Japanese fan.
  • Rapper Don Malik was also let go from his agency following accusations that he harassed an underage fan.
  • South Korean courts already ruled in favor of SM Entertainment last October, but a Chinese court ruled in favor of former Exo member Tao regarding his contract termination with the company.
  • Sung Si-kyung will be leaving Jellyfish Entertainment to set up his own agency.
  • Lee Hyun-woo began his military enlistment this week. Wishing him all the best!
  • Congrats to Park Bo-geum on his university graduation this week!
  • North American Zion.T fans have something to be excited about: the singer will be holding concerts in both Canada and the USA next month. Will any readers make it to a show?

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