Hello everyone, and welcome back to SB Week in Review, where we collate all the past week’s happenings, making this the post to read before starting the new week. Here’s what you need to know:


  • A former girl group member was handed a suspended sentence for lying about being sexually assaulted by a male K-pop idol, a claim that was made roughly a year ago. The male idol is claimed to be Zest’s Choigo, while the girl group member is rumoured to be Chi Chi‘s Peach.
  • Source Music has banned a fan from future G-Friend fansigns after he was discovered wearing glasses with a hidden camera to a recent event.
  • It seems like it’s definitely, really curtains for Miss A, with Suzy electing to not renew her contract with JYPE. Rumour is she is looking to start her own company to manage her career. Fellow member Min‘s contract is also up soon, and word on the street is that she has not yet re-signed.
  • New measures have been introduced to address apparent misuse of military enlistment allowances by male idols, including restrictions on delaying enlistment.
  • More Produce 101 Season 2 scandals, with Nu’est‘s Minhyun is facing renewed scrutiny after an old radio interview, in which he told the story of stealing and selling a bicycle while in school, resurfaced online.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • The now four-member Winner finally made their comeback! Which single are you feeling more — “Really Really” or “Fool?”
  • New boy band Black6ix debuted with “Please.”
  • Taeyeon released the deluxe edition of My Voice, along with a MV for single “Make Me Love You.”
  • IU put out her second prerelease track, “Can’t Love You Anymore,” with Oh Hyuk.
  • Dreamcatcher confirmed their commitment to the dark side with comeback MV “Good Night.”
  • Oh My Girl returned with a cute MV for “Coloring Book.”
  • Rap Monster gave Gaeko an assist for “Gajah.”
  • Babylon dropped album S.S.F.W.
  • Okdal came back with “Love Advice” and “Intern.”
  • SBGB seem to really get me in new single, “Ki-dult.”
  • Hong Jin-young teamed up with DIA and Kim Yon-ja for “You Are My Flower.”
  • Imfact returned with “Tension Up.”
  • This week’s Station single sees NCT member Ten revive SM The Performance in “Dream In A Dream.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • This collab between Ha:tfelt, Spica‘s Bohyung,and Suran has me hyped, not going to lie.
  • Also exciting is Minzy‘s upcoming solo debut on the 17th!
  • Davichi‘s Haeri will be making her solo debut later this month, too.
  • Hyuna will be heading up new Cube project unit Triple H, with Pentagon‘s Hui and E’Dawn.
  • A Pink‘s Eunji is teaming up with Hareem again for her second solo single.
  • Baekhyun is ready to “Take You Home” for next week’s Station single.
  • DIA will be making a comeback with two new members.
  • SF9 are puzzling fans with their new teasers.
  • Teen Top will be coming back on the 10th with “Love Is?”
  • Daze will be releasing his 2nd EP, Friday, on the 13th.
  • Are you ready for more K.A.R.D? Because B.M‘s abs certainly are.
  • Concert updates:
    • Taeyeon will be holding her first solo Asia tour!
    • G-Dragon will also be holding a solo concert in June, so expect some new music before then.
    • 2PM will resume their concerts in June, which had been put on hold after Jun.K was injured during a performance.
    • Twice and CN Blue are the first acts announced for Kcon NY! Who else do you want to see in New Jersey?

Other News

  • Lot of changes happening at Music Core — not only will the show go back to the ranking system, co-hosts Kim Sae-ron and Lee Soo-min will also be leaving the show. No word yet on who will join Astro‘s Eunwoo as MC, so expect some guest hosting shenanigans in the meantime.
  • Lee Joon-gi got Dispatched, revealing his relationship with actress Jeon Hye-bin.
  • Meanwhile, Gary announced on Instagram that he was marrying a non-celeb — congratulations to the happy couple!

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