Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! These last few days have been a doozy, here’s what happened:


  • A former MBK/CCM staffer leaked texts from Co-ed School/Five Dolls member Hyoyoung, consisting of threatening texts sent to one-time T-ara member Ahreum. Doubts over the veracity of the leak was quickly answered by Hyoyoung’s team, who admitted that the messages were real — they were allegedly sent as a way for Hyoyoung to support and protect twin sister Hwayoung during the time of the T-ara scandal. The leak is said to have been triggered by recent comments Hwayoung made in interviews while promoting her acting projects regarding the scandal, that the former staffer took issue with. Add to this an apparent falling out with Infinite‘s Sungjong, and it’s safe to say Hwayoung is not having a good week.
  • Another Hwayoung having a bad time is the member of Mnet project group Boys24. The ‘Sky’ sub-unit member was recorded, allegedly by his ex-girlfriend, while complaining about fans calling him oppa, having to do hi-touch events and their bad breath that made him “want to puke.” After the recording leaked, CJ E&M responded by suspending Hwayoung from schedules. Another statement will be released soon.
  • Cube seems to be trying to keep the Beast name, announcing that the group would be reformed under the label with Hyunseung and two new members. Seems like Hyunseung didn’t get the memo, though, leading him to express his surprise and disapproval. The five members who left Cube to create Around Us Entertainment definitely didn’t get the memo, though that’s understandable since this was likely a move designed to blindside the group.
  • L.Joe of Teen Top has filed for contract termination from TOP Media. Though the group’s contracts aren’t up ’til next year,  L.Joe is leaving the group and company due to a lack of solo activities.
  • And after almost five years, Spica have disbanded.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out the official videos for this week’s releases in the playlist above!
  • The Wonder Girls released their final song, “Draw Me.” The chart topper includes Yubin and Yeeun‘s names in its credits.
  • The cute kiddies of NCT Dream are back!
  • This month’s Day6 MV is for “You Were Beautiful.”
  • According to our reviewer, this Block B song is so “Yesterday.” Do you agree?
  • SF9‘s comeback impressed our reviewer — how about you?
  • Cross Gene are back with “Black and White.”
  • AOA released a special song for fans, “With Elvis.”
  • SBGB released the MV for “Card Captor Sakura.”
  • Verbal Jint and KittiB feature on Skull‘s “Crazy.”
  • Jung Joon-young is back with “Me and You.”
  • Girl group 1NB released the creepy “Stalker ahead of their debut.

Teasers & Announcements

  • BTS‘ teaser for “Spring Day” has sparked a lot of literary discussion among the Seoulbeats writers — has the group inspired you to pick up some English literature? Be sure to check out their “Not Today” teaser, too!
  • MelodyDay‘s 2nd mini Kiss on the Lips will drop on the 15th.
  • Evereyone’s new favourite co-ed group, K.A.R.D, will be releasing “Don’t Recall” on the 16th.
  • VAV will be returning with “Venus” on the 18th. They will also be adding a new member to the group, Ayno, who was previously seen on No Mercy.
  • “R U Ready” for new Lovelyz music on the 27th?
  • More iKon Japan tour dates have been announced.
  • Brave Girls will be coming back in March.
  • Stellar will be visiting Brazil in late March.
  • Twice will be debuting in Japan.
  • Loona continues teasing its line-up, while Woollim‘s W Project rolls on with Jangjun and Youngtaek.
  • B.A.P will be touring Europe and North America! Will they be coming to a city near you? Find out here and here! For the rest of us, there’s still new music to get excited about.
  • I thought Chocolat had already disbanded, but Tia announced on Instagram this week that her contract with the group and company has finally ended.. She also mentions a comeback, so it will be interesting to see how she re-enters the Korean Entertainment scene.
  • Meanwhile, news of ZE:A‘s Kwanghee signing with Bonboo Entertainment has sparked speculation about the group’s future.

Other News

  • Moon Geun-young has cancelled public appearances, including her role in a current stage production of Romeo & Juliet, while she undergoes treatment for compartment syndrome. The condition is condition is described as one where excess pressure build-up in tissues can cause muscle and nerve damage. Moon is said to be recovering well, and we at Seoulbeats wish her the best in her journey back to full health.
  • Big Bang‘s T.O.P and JYJ‘s Junsu began their military enlistment this week.
  • Junsu also made the news for the sale of his hotel, amid claims of poor management.
  • Infinite Challenge‘s eight-week hiatus is really hurting MBC’s back pocket, in the form of an estimated two billion won in lost ad revenue.
  • Meanwhile, Yoo Jae-suk and FNC will be taking legal action against a company for allegedly falsely advertising his appearance at an upcoming Running Man event.
  • Kim Soo-hyun and Ahn So-hee are also talking to their lawyers after false dating and marriage rumours about the pair made the rounds online.
  • Alex of BP Rania may be on the next season of Unpretty Rapstar. After meeting with Mnet earlier in the week, the rapper uploaded a selca of her in a UPRS cap.
  • American K-pop fans can now wear their YG pride, with tees of select groups from the company now available at Hot Topic.
  • Tablo will also be attending this year’s Grammys.
  • A number of idols celebrated their birthdays this week, but Seulgi received wishes from an unexpected quarter: Pringles. After it was pointed out how a mustachio’d Seulgi from the “Rookie” MV resembled the Pringles logo, the meme reached the company itself; and like any good brand, they seized the opportunity to ingratiate themselves with K-pop fans. It was all quite cute.

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