Welcome back to Week in Review! Here’s what you need to know about the week that was:


  • More presidential scandal updates:
    • Choi Soon-sil has been indicted by police, along with two of Park Geun-hye‘s former aides.
    • Cha Eun-taek returned to the country from China, and was pormptly arrested at the airport.
    • Choi Soon-sil’s daughter may not only have her admission to Ewha Woman’s University revoked, but also her high school diploma, due to unexplained absences.
    • Park Geun-hye herself will submit to questioning…. Next week.
    • Meanwhile, protests have continued for a fourth weekend, with even former MBLAQ member Lee Joon joining in. SNSD‘s “Into The New World” has also been used by protestors.
  • If you read our review of documentary, Reach For The SKY, you will know that the Suneung took place on the 17th. Members of G-Friend, Seventeen, Twice and more sate the exam, while many more cheered candidates on in social media posts.
  • The Asia Artist Awards and Melon Music Awards both happened this week; Exo took out the Best Artist daesang for both. The AAAs drew complaints over the behaviour of Exo fansite admins, while others were perplexed at Black Pink winning Best New Artist at the MMAs.
  • AOA‘s Jimin uploaded a rap cover to social media, but quickly deleted it and apologised to a fan after it was pointed out that she said the N word.

Debuts & Comebacks

Check out the MVs released this week in the playlist above! Said releases include:

  • KNK‘s MV was randomly kiboshed, but we still got the performance MV! And in a rally of support over the nixed MV, fans got the group’s latest release to the top of the US iTunes chart. Just hope this doesn’t encourage YNB to go The Entertainment Pascal route…
  • Jia‘s solo debut with “Drip.”
  • Shinee‘s ballad-stuffed repackage 1 of 1, as well as the MV for “Tell Me What To Do.”
  • SG Wannabe‘s “I’m Missing You.”
  • Snuper‘s “It’s Raining.”
  • Voisper‘s “Learn to Love.”
  • Junggigo‘s “Hey Bae” with Paloalto.
  • The pleasant “Gimme Love” by Car, The Garden (formerly Mayson the Soul).
  • Yoo Seung-woo and Yoo Yeon-jung‘s “I Will Be On Your Side.”
  • Kiha and the Faces‘s “Home” and “Human Mind.”
  • Kevin Oh‘s debut single “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.”
  • Upcoming girl group Loona (or Loopth) revealed second member Hyunjin. I love the effort put into these pre-debut activities, but who is bankrolling this?
  • Dramas Oh My Geum-bi and Legend of the Blue Sea started airing this week. Are you watching?

Teasers & Announcements

  • YG was busy this week, releasing images from Big Bang‘s recent MV shoot, and announcing that the MADE album is “coming soon.”
  • Vixx isn’t done for the year yet, announcing repackage album Ker.
  • KittiB and Up10tion will be releasing new music on the 21st.
  • The next Jelly Box song will be produced by Zico and performed by Sejeong.
  • B1A4 will be returning on the 28th, as will Zico.
  • BTS, B1A4 and Got7 have announced US tour dates! Who’s going where to what?

Other News

  • T.O.P and History‘s Kyung-il have confirmed that they will be enlisting soon.
  • Meanwhile, Big Bang bagged 13th spot on this year’s Forbes list of highest-paid celebrities under 30.
  • Singer Navi and comedian Jang Dong-min have called time on their relationship.
  • AOA’s Mina got caught up in a dating rumour with Iranian actor Hamed Tehrani, which both sides have denied.
  • Jessi was allegedly involved in a physical altercation at a nightclub, where she was filming a MV cameo.
  • Idols sent messages of support to BtoB member Peniel after he opened up about his hair loss on a recent episode of Hello Counselor.

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