20162704_seoulbeats_fyvp_taehyun_marieclaireWelcome to this edition of SB Week in Review! The fall comeback race is in full swing, and we’re being gifted comebacks left and right. Here’s all the news you might have missed.

Serious News

  • Viewers are questioning the KCSC ruling that a scene in the drama K2 was unfit for broadcast. The scene in question featured naked men in a bathhouse, with body parts blurred out. Viewers wondered why the KCSC ruled this particular scene unfit for broadcast when a month ago, an aggressive kiss scene on Our Gap-soon — in which the male character forced himself on the female lead — was deemed fit for broadcast.
  • Winner‘s Nam Tae-hyun will be taking a hiatus to take care with his mental health. His hiatus also means that Winner’s comeback will be delayed indefinitely. Go Tae-hyun for seeking help, shame on YG for pinning Winner’s absence on him.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20161013_seoulbeats_ladies_code_strangerBTS made Armys — and even a few unsuspecting spectators like myself — lose their minds over “Blood Sweat and Tears.” The album Wings also dropped on October 11. The track “Cypher 4” fell under a bit of controversy when it was revealed that the producer had duplicated the backing track.
  • Park Hyo-shin dropped another MV for “Home.”
  • Got7‘s Young-jae celebrated the group’s 1000th day with a special track on his Soundcloud account.
  • Cube‘s new boy group Pentagon debuted with the jazzy “Gorilla.”
  • Crush is back with Wonderlust, and the new MV for “Fall.”
  • 100% returned after a two year hiatus with “Better Day.”
  • Ladies’ Code captivated with the stunning MV for “The Rain.”
  • 20161013_seoulbeats_far_east_movementSe7en is back for the first time in over four years with a new album, I Am Se7en. Was “Give it to Me” worth the wait?
  • Vocalist duo Davichi returned with a new mini, 50 x Half. The return also came with two new music videos for the tracks “Beside Me” and “Love Is.”
  • Illusion Entertainment‘s “all natural” girl group Highteen debuted with “Boom Boom Clap.” Did they manage to catch your attention?
  • Exo‘s Chanyeol teamed up with the Far East Movement, Tinashe and Marshmello for “Freel Luv.” Several other Korean artists including Yoon Mi-rae, Tiffany (SNSD), and Hyorin (Sistar) are also slated to feature on the Far East Movement’s new album.
  • Our SM Station release of the week is Henry (Super Junior) and Soyou‘s “Runnin’.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20161014_seoulbeats_twiceVixx will round out their mythological trilogy with Kratos on October 31.
  • I.M (Monsta X) and BrotherSu will team up for “Madeleine.”
  • Kangta has apparently escaped the SM basement, if SM’s promises of an upcoming album are anything to bank on.
  • Step aside NCT Fetus Dream, new zygote group East Light plan to debut on November 3.
  • 24K is returning with “Bingo” on October 22.
  • Casting news:
    • Vixx’s Leo will appear on Duet Song Festival
    • Taecyeon will appear in upcoming thriller House Above Time.
  • tvN‘s adaptation of Entourage is set to begin broadcasting on November 4. A new batch of teaser images introduces viewers to the characters leading up to the premier.
  • Twice is gearing up for an October 24 return with “T T” and TWICEcoaster: Lane 1.
  • I.O.I. will begin promoting their final release “Very Very Very” — produced by JYP — on October 17. Anyone sad to see them disband so soon?
  • T-ara‘s aiming for a November comeback. Guess they renewed their contracts.
  • BTOB will also potentially liven up their repertoire in November with a dance track.

Other News

  • 20161014_seoulbeats_ryeowookUnfortunately, this was a busy week for idol injuries:
    • Red Velvet‘s Yeri and Seulgi sustained minor injuries in a car accident on October 10.
    • Mamamoo members were also involved in a car accident, but thankfully no one was injured.
    • SF9‘s Taeyang will sit out the remainder of promotions for “Fanfare” following an injury earlier this week.
    • B1A4‘s Sanduel was unable to participate in his scheduled filming of Sketchbook due to a high fever.
    • Lay fainted in the air port while the group was boarding a flight to Japan. SM reported he was recovering well with no serious health concerns, and the next day he flew to Japan to join the members for the Exo’rdium concert.
  • 20141212_seoulbeats_kimsoohyunAs if we needed more reasons to love Kim Soo-hyun, this week the actor applied to become a professional bowler. FT Island‘s Lee Hong-ki and Chae-yeon also applied soon after.
  • Lee Hyori is considering a return to the music industry. If she can decide on an agency, that is.
  • John Park and Jo Hyun-ah (Urban Zakapas) were caught up in dating rumors that proved to be false.
  • Actress Shin Min-ah has apparently donated over 1.4 billion won to charity over the past eight years. Good on her.
  • Super Junior‘s Ryeowook began his two-year military service this week. We wish him well!
  • Following her departure from Secret, Sunhwa his considering signing with Huayi Brothers. Gayeon of 4Minute has also signed with BS Company, while former band mate Sohyun has signed with 935 Entertainment.


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