Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

In a few hours, one of 2016’s hottest girl groups will be making their comeback– Twice! After debuting with the charming “Like Ooh-Aah” and the cute “Cheer Up” — the latter of whose success was rightfully recognised in our 2016 mid-year review — the group has set themselves up for a popularity hattrick.

Twice’s MVs have always been enjoyable because they have a clear storyline that expertly mixes in the desired aesthetic for that comeback, while also maintaining each member’s individuality. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this in “TT,” and how the haunted mansion setting works into it. I especially love how the song starts, though it sounds somewhat different in the album highlight video.

I don’t know how many emoji-based song titles there are out there, but I like how JYPE is using “TT” to introduce us to the song’s concept. Each member has a teaser of them not getting the desired result in whatever task they are engaged in, be it making a smoothie, or social media sleuthing. They’re all quite cute, even if the acting isn’t all there in some of them. Nayeon and Jeongyeon‘s are the best in that regard. Jeongyeon’s in particular reminded me of Fruits Basket, which is always a win in my book.

Readers, which of the member teasers were your favourite? Are you ready to ride the Twicecoaster? What are your general thoughts on Twice? Let us know in the comments below!

(JYP Entertainment)