The hits keep on coming for the Best of Weekly Music Shows. October is nearly at a close, yet we didn’t get pummeled with a heavy dose of Halloween-themed stages. It would be nice to see a few costumed performances, but I still enjoyed watching the idols do what they love. Bulldok and Highteen made their debuts, joining a list of rookie groups who’ve premiered this month. We’re also seeing the comeback of many soloists and ballad groups like Shin Yong-jae, Lim Jeong-hee, Big Brain, December, and Man’s Avenue. If these names sound unfamiliar to you, consider checking them out. You could find a new favorite!

No one knows how many records BTS could break with “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, but it’s clear that they’ve found a winner since they swept all the awards this week. Congratulations to them!

I had a tough time picking favorite stages because there’s so much variety, but I managed to narrow down my list anyway. I hope you like the ones I chose and will share some of yours in the comments below.

DIA‘s “Mr. Potter”, SBS Inkigayo, October 23, 2016

Something about this group just makes me smile. It could be their infectious charm, or how the song vaguely sounds like the background music for an old school Nintendo game. Either way, I have no regrets in choosing this performance because their movements are so fluid and light. I also enjoy the winsome vibe of their choreography with the suspenders. Girls’ Day and EXO did memorable routines with suspenders as well, but DIA really makes use of the accessory here. I’m loving all of the lines they create with the suspenders as it draws attention to the members while showing a nice visual on stage.

Man’s Avenue’s “Missing You”, SBS Inkigayo, October 23, 2016

What makes K-pop exciting is the variety of acts you can see in a single show. It doesn’t matter if they started their careers today or years ago; all levels of talent are welcomed. As a result, I see lesser known acts like this one. They truly live up to their name, sounding quite mature and solid with their vocals. I love the softness in their tone, which lends itself to the gentle fall season. The thing that stood out most for me, however, was how wonderfully they harmonized together. I hope to see more from this group in the future.

Pentagon‘s “Gorilla”, SBS Inkigayo, October 23, 2016

If you’re going to debut, you better bring everything you have. There are far too many groups entering and leaving to keep up, so it’s important for rookies to make an impact. I predict Pentagon might become one of these groups who grow at an accelerated rate based on the performances I’ve seen from them. They have a lot of handsome members who exude charisma while smoothly executing an energetic routine. It’s a common formula for rookie groups, but they possess a hidden X factor. It’s something you can’t define, but you sense greatness in their potential. Now might be a good time to learn some names if you’re interested in them.

I.O.I‘s “Very Very Very”, KBS Music Bank, October 21, 2016

After seeing this group at KCON, there’s a part of me that feels depressed in knowing this is their final promotion. These young ladies are so sweet and cute, and they came together through a Mnet competition show. As unfortunate as it is that they will soon cease activities together, I’m grateful for the fun tunes and stages they’ve given us. The members mentioned a possible five-year reunion, but I don’t want to get excited too soon. I’d rather enjoy this darling performance and remember all of the wonderful songs we got when various companies put their combined talent in a single group.

BTS’s “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, KBS Music Bank, October 21, 2016

Never has a song fit its title so well. I swear it’s like I leak all of these fluids with each of their performances. My obsession love for them is practically a health hazard, yet I can’t imagine surviving life without their music. While every member has increased my heart rate past ridiculous, Jungkook gets my blood pumping the most with his facial expressions. Actually, it’s not fair to single him out since I’ve been affected by all of them physically, but somehow he appears to be the main culprit along with Jimin. What exactly are they feeding the men of Busan to make them like this?

Readers, who did you enjoy this past week?

(YouTube [1][2], Image via KBS)