20160826_seoulbeats_ohmygirl_jine_wmeHello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Week in Review. Following the end of the Rio Olympics, K-pop is pushing out the last of the summer music like no-one’s business: read on to find out who dropped what this week! But first:

Serious News

  • Actor Uhm Tae-woong is the latest male Korean celebrity to be accused of sexual assault. The accuser is said to be an employee at a massage parlour that does not offer sexual services, and claims to have been approached in January this year. Uhm’s agency, Key East Entertainment, gave a statement exhorting their client’s innocence a few days after the news was first reported, giving ballerina wife Yoon Hye-jin‘s second pregnancy as a reason for the delay.
  • Oh My Girl member Jine has gone on hiatus to seek treatment for anorexia. We wish her a full recovery.
  • YG Entertainment was fined 3.4 billion won for tax evasion.
  • Following on from Tiffany‘s recent controversy, the SNSD and TTS member will not be attending SM‘s Hawaii conference. Considering that she is currently meant to be reflecting, this is a good decision.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • NCT‘s baby-faced unit NCT Dream debuted this week with the Korean and Chinese versions of “Chewing Gum.” What do you think of the hover board choreography?
  • AOMG‘s Elo has dropped new album 8 Femmes. I am dead certain that the super-blond guy in the “Chewing Gum” is also in this MV for lead single “Rose.”
  • It seems roller skates are the trend this summer: they turn up in the MV for Spica‘s comeback MV, “Secret Time.” The ladies look and sound so good!
  • I’m also enjoying Laboum‘s high-energy “Shooting Love.”
  • 15&‘s Jimin released solo album 19 to 20, and lead single “Try.”
  • The always amazing Puer Kim released English-language “Pearls.”
  • 20160826_seoulbeats_tymee_starnewsAilee‘s pre-release single “If You” (starring I.O.I‘s Na-yeon) is performing well on the charts, and the singer took to Instagram to thank fans for their support. Ailee was working on her new album when we interviewed her late last year, and I’m looking forward to experiencing the finished product!
  • Tymee dropped album Symbol, with lead single “Cinderella.”
  • Two X are not “Over” yet.
  • Crush and Han Sang-won team up for “Skip.”
  • If you’re looking for something male gazey, check out I-ren.
  • Bambino brings back the sexy car wash with “Moonlight Shower.”
  • It would be remiss of me to not squeeze in Hyuna‘s “Morning Glory.”
  • Crayon Pop feature in Mexican boy band CD9‘s “Get Dumb.” There’s an all-English version, as well as one sung in each group’s respective tongues. It’s quite nice, even with the autotune  — it’s a couple of months late, but this is one collab I can get behind!
  • That HyoyeonMinJo Kwon unit, called Triple T, is here with this week’s Station release: “Born To Be Wild.” I don’t mind the song — it feels quite Bollywood –, but whoever thought those effects was a good idea should be forced to watch this MV on loop — or maybe not, because I only watched it once and I’m pretty sure I have irreparable eye damage, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Teaser & Announcements

  • I love Sunny Hill and am SO PUMPED for their comeback!
  • Nu’est is getting another comeback, though “Love Paint” sounds like a phrase that would be at home in a E.L. James book.
  • Sistar‘s Hyorin and Got7 will be guests on an upcoming episode of Running Man.
  • Got7 also seems to be planning a comeback.
  • Speaking of possible comebacks, Woollim posted an Infinite teaser video the way a fan would post concert footage taken on their phone, and maknae Sungjong is blond.
  • Ga-in also took to Instagram to tease her comeback; apparently the photoshoot is all done!
  • FNC Entertainment will be debuting their first male dance group: Neoz school has been rebranded as SF9 in preparation.

20160826_seoulbeats_sulli_hara_rotta_sulliinstaOther News

  • A recent Rotta photo of Sulli and Hara sharing a T-shirt advertising baby oil has caused controversy about child sexualisation. Many aren’t impressed with Rotta, who is often compared to Terry Richardson. Sulli, who posted the photo to her Instagram, later deleted the photo, though some are concerned that she may be confusing legitimate criticism with the usual hate that is directed at her.
  • On a brighter note, Jonghyun got to meet and interview one of his idols, Maxwell! Did you catch the interview?

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