20160528_seoulbeats_btsWelcome back to SB Week in Review! Summer is in full swing, and the comebacks keep coming. Here’s all the news you might have missed this week:

Serious News

  • Park Yoochun update: The DNA found in the first accuser’s underwear proved to be a match to the singer. A match, however, cannot prove that sexual assault took place. The investigation continues, despite reports that Park Yoochun was acquitted earlier this week.
  • Kangin (Super Junior) was fined 7 million won for his most recent drunk driving incident.
  • BTS came under fire this week for their misogynistic lyrics. Big Hit and BTS addressed the issue quickly, taking responsibility and offering an apology. The comanpy promised to be more thoughtful in the future.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20160708_seoulbeats_junielBeast made their first comeback as a five-member group with “Ribbon.” If the MV wasn’t symbolic enough, the members also clarified that they haven’t kept in touch with Jang Hyunseung since his departure.
  • Seventeen continued to win hearts with their adolescent charm in “Very Nice.”
  • The Wonder Girls killed it (and him) in “Why So Lonely.”
  • SM stepped up their dance MV game with Taeyeon’s “Why.”
  • Juniel soothed in her latest release, “Pisces.”
  • Happy sixth anniversary to Teen Top! To celebrate, the group released a special retrospective MV for “Love Comes.”
  • Se7en let us know “I’m Good.”
  • NCT 127 “debuted” this week “Firetruck.” If this release was supposed to give us any idea what the heck NCT is, it’s safe to say it fell remarkably short. Anyone else scratching their head?
  • Infinite surprised fans with a celebratory MV for “That Summer (The Second Story).”
  • CIVA — the rookie girl group from Mnet‘s mockumentary series God of Music — debuted with “Why.”
  • Our SM Station track of the week is “Way Back Home,” performed by J-min and starring Yeri (Red Velvet).

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160708_seoulbeats_gfriend_sinbThe line-up for Unpretty Rapstar 3 continues to grow with Miryo, Yook Ji-dam, Ha Joo-yeonEuna and more set to compete.
  • Taemin, Hyoyeon, Hoya, Ten, and U-Kwon will Hit the Stage in a new reality dance competition.
  • D.Holic changed their line-up just in time for their comeback. Members Danbi and Duree have left, while new rapper EJ has officially joined the group.
  • Brace yourselves: Won Bin‘s reps have confirmed the actor is planning to make a comeback soon.
  • Maybe this Black Pink debut is really happening. This week YG released a quick choreography teaser of the four members covering Royal Family’s choreography to “Bitch Betta Have My Money.”
  • FT Island are throwing some serious shade in the Instagram teasers and lead-up to their comeback with “Where’s the Truth” on July 18.
  • Mamamoo‘s sibling group, Vromance teased their debut with “She” (featuring Hwasa).
  • Snuper‘s “You = Heaven” is due out on July 12.
  • Eric Nam is returning on the 15th!
  • As G-Friend‘s popularity grows, so does the budget for their MVs. Check out the teaser for “Navillera.”
  • M&D (Heechul and Jungmo) will return with a new mini, Goodie Bag. The MV for the trot-style singe, “Ulsanbawi” will also star Jung Chaeyeon (IOI). This could be great.
  • Shinee‘s Key and NCT 127’s Doyoung will release an OST duet for Task Force 38.

Other News

  • Soyeon (T-ara) and Oh Jong-hyuk have parted ways after six years together.
  • A report claimed that Kim Min-hee and director Hong Sang-soo married in the U.S.A. despite his still being legally wed to his wife.

(Naver: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], Nate: [1] [2], Daum,  Osen. Images via SM Entertainment, C9 Entertainment, Source Music)