20160531_seoulbeats_btsWelcome back to SB Week in Review! The summer comeback season is officially here and it looks like we’re in for a busy couple of months. Here’s all the news you might have missed this week:

Serious News

  • BTSEpilogue tour isn’t going as safely as planned thanks to a few over zealous fans. After numerous reports of fans pushing and getting a little too close for comfort, Big Hit released a statement asking fans to show more etiquette.
  • Update on the Kangin drunk driving scandal: authorities revealed that the Super Junior member had a blood alcohol level of .157 after the accident, which is above the legal limit. As such, an indictment has been recommended. While Kangin is off “reflecting,” fellow member Ryeowook will postpone his enlistment in order to fill the gap in the group for upcoming schedules.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20160609_seoulbeats_exomonster2U-Kiss‘ “Stalker“: Supernatural love story or just creepy?
  • Rap duo Mighty Mouth came back with “Sugar Sugar.”
  • Taeyeon released a special remake of BoA‘s “Atlantis Princess” for the game Sword and Magic.
  • The Boys 24 army of definitely more than 24 boys released their first track from the upcoming Mnet survival show. Does “Rising Star” entice you to watch the drama unfold?
  • Speaking of Mnet, everyone’s favorite hot mess of a show is set to return nest month: get ready for Unpretty Rapstar 3.
  • Jung Joo Young Band returned with not only a new MV for “Mistake,” but also a new band name: Drug Restaurant.
  • Jung Jin-woon‘s latest features legendary rapper Tiger JK. Check out the MV for “Will.”
  • Former After School member Jungah and rapper J Star, put out the seasonally appropriate single “Spring Summer.”
  • Eric Nam collaborated with U.S.A. duo, KOLAJ for the house track, “Into You.”
  • Exo made a Monster of a comeback this week with not one, but two MVs for Ex0-L to now furiously decode. Their third studio album EX’ACT dropped the same night. 
  • Our SM Station release for the week is Tiffany‘s “Heartbreak Hotel” featuring Simon Dominic. Anyone else disappointed the track wasn’t included on I Just Wanna Dance?
  • Following the lead of SM Station, Jellyfish Entertainment is starting it’s own special music channel/project known as Jelly Box. First up was “Summer Night’s Picnic” by Park Yoon-ha and Yoo Seung-woo.

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160610_seoulbeats_cheetah_It’s been seven years since former S.E.S. member Bada made a comeback, but now we can expect a new release from her on June 13!
  • Eunji‘s debut mini Dream will be released as an LP later this month.
  • San E and After School‘s Raina will collaborate for a second time with “It’s Sweet” out June 17.
  • DIA will return with a new single, “Happy Ending” and with temporary I.O.I. member, Chaeyeon. Speaking of I.O.I., members Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina will both be debuting with Jellyfish’s new girl group later this summer. Trainee Kim Na-yeong will debut with the group as well. I.O.I. will also debut their first sub-unit soon.
  • The next member of the supposed new YG girl group has been revealed. Check out Lisa‘s new teaser pics.
  • The new Younha, Ha;tfelt, and Cheetah horror film-themed collab track is gonna be lit.
  • Sad news for 9 Muses fans: Euaerin, and Minah have graduated from the group. On the bright side, we can anticipate a comeback with the remaining members in July.
  • Have you been keeping up with Sistar‘s mysterious teasers?
  • Remakes continue to be churned out: Criminal Minds is the next foreign series to be re-worked for Korean television.
  • Shinee‘s Key will sappear in the upcoming TvN drama, Honsul Couple,
  • Sonamoo are officialy returning on June 29th.

20130524_seoulbeats_missa_jiaOther News

  • brought all of K-pop’s biggest acts to a single stage on June 4th.
  • Wassup are turning to crowd funding their next album.
  • Twice‘s Jungyeon was injured while filming Laws of the Jungle. Wishing her a speedy recovery!
  • Happy six year debut anniversary to Infinite! Check out Hoya‘s special cover of “Uphill Road.”
  • Congratulations are also in order for U-Kiss’ Eli, who became a father this week.
  • Former Miss A member, Jia has signed with Chinese agency Banana Plan Entertainment.

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