Welcome back to this week’s edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s a look at all the news you might have missed:


Serious News

  • The shocking murder of a young woman by a self-proclaimed misogynist took place in a Gangnam bathroom this past week. The news prompted celebrities like 2PM‘s Chansung to take to Twitter and speak out against the crime. Singer Kim Heung-gook also commented saying the world needs to be safer for women. Tributes in the form of post-it notes cover walls near the scene.
  • The Jimin and Seolhyun scandal continues as the two members shed apologetic tears at AOA‘s Life Guard comeback showcase. A professor and politician stepped in to defend the singers, but the online criticisms persist.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20160519_seoulbeats_jessica_jungAOA hit the beach this week with the banger, “Good Luck,” and their new mini, Life Guard.
  • BTS finally rounded out their Young Forever video trilogy with the release of “Save Me.”
  • Jessica Jung made her long-awaited return to the K-music scene with her first solo mini album, With Love, J and the dual singles “Fly” and “Love Me the Same.” Though Jessica currently has no plans to promote on music broadcasts, “Fly” was deemed unfit for broadcast due to the mentioning of brand names in the lyrics. Coridel Entertainment responded saying that they have edited the lyrics to meet KBS standards. Jessica also didn’t hold back this week in interviews, discussing her relationship with former SNSD members, Tiffany’s solo, as well as her relationship status.
  • Gearing up for the release of XIGNATURE, JYJ‘s Junsu released the special track “…Is You” on May 19 along with a track list.
  • Monsta X came back hard with “All In” and the album, the Clan Part I: Lost. What did you make of the MV?
  • B.I.G. are back with “Aphrodite.”
  • MC Gree debuted this week with the surprising single, “Nineteen.”
  • Superstar K5 winner, Parc Jae-Jung teamed up with Kyuhyun for the lovely duet, “Two Men.”
  • Amber released both English and Korean versions of her new, self-produced track “On My Own.”
  • Our SM Station track of the week is Dana‘s “Touch You.”


Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160519_seoulbeats_baek_ah_yeonPrepare to be soothed by the musical stylings of Baek Ah Yeon, who is set to return on May 24 with “So So.”
  • Former CSJH The Grace member, Stephanie and SM Entertainment have decided to part ways following her contract expiration. She will continue to work with Mafia Entertainment from here forward.
  • Minzy also announced that she will be moving over to Music Works. Best of luck!
  • Trendy actor, Song Joong-ki will make an appearance on Lee Kwangsoo‘s web drama The Sound of Your Heart. In other casting news, Ahn Sohee will appear in the upcoming Korean remake of Entourage.
  • Block B‘s Park Kyung and a mystery female vocalist will release “Inferiority Complex” on May 25.
  • YG confirmed that they will debut their long-discussed new girl group this summer, without trainee Jang Hana. Sure, Papa YG, I believe you. YG also has taken on some pretty impressive new contracts in the past few weeks. This week they announced that actress Seo Jeong-yeon has decided to sign with the company.
  • ‘Tis the season for the girl group summer comeback battle. EXID announced they will release their first studio album June 1. CLC will team up with Shinsadong Tiger for their upcoming June return. GFriend, Sistar and Stellar are also expected to join the comeback spree sometime this summer.
  • Jonghyun began dropping teasers this week for his second solo release, She Is. How are you liking the colorful aesthetics? Check out the tracklist.
  • 20160520_seoulbeats_shinee_jonghyun_smeAre you excited to see Minho (Shinee) and V (BTS) riding horses in historical garb while shooting arrows? Well, looks like you’ll have to wait until December to enjoy all the magic, as that’s when Hwarang: the Beginning plans to start airing on KBS2.
  • Fiestar will serve up some “Apple Pie” on May 31.
  • If you enjoyed Oh My Girl‘s recent mini, Pink Ocean, get ready for the repackage and “Windy Day.”
  • In other YG happenings, iKon appears to be gearing up for some kind of comeback, if their Kakao screen-shot teaser images are any indication. Looks like a Bobby solo is in order?
  • Romeo plans to return May 23 with “Nightmare.”
  • Rookie group Map 6 are also ready to return with the unfortunately titled new single, “Swagger Time.”
  • Sub-unit SS301 will release a special album on SS501‘s 11th anniversary. Which reminds me, it’s been a while since we heard from Miss Choi and Kim Hyun-joong. I probably just jinxed it.
  • U-Kiss confirmed their comeback during a recent V App broadcast, though no official date has been set.
  • The dust has barely settled since the sudden (but not unexpected) departures of Minzy from 2NE1 and Hyunseung from Beast, but on May 20 it was announced that Miss A‘s Jia has chosen to not renew her contract with JYP Entertainment. Fei has renewed her contract and, for the time being, it seems Min and Suzy members will stick with the company.


20150601_seoulbeats_leeminhoOther News

  • Actress Park Si-yeon announced that she will file for divorce after five years of marriage.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, former Jewelry member Park Jung-ah tied the knot this week with golfer Jeon Sang-woo. Rapper Mad Clown also wed his fiance at a Starship studded wedding.
  • Chinese girl group AOS came under fire this week for allegedly copying G-Friend‘s “Rough“. Take a look at the two MVs and let us know what you think.
  • Produce 101 contestants Lee Hae-in and Lee Soo-hyun have filed suits for contract termination with their agency, SS Entertainment.
  • Actor Lee Minho will serve public service when he enlists in the South Korean military later this year.

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