It’s time to celebrate love for the Best of Weekly Music Shows! Regardless of your relationship status, let us not overlook the most important aspect of Valentine’s Day — the chocolate. I suppose watching idols perform is another bonus, but when is it not? Either way, the week was filled with good stages that welcomed the introduction of AOA‘s sub-unit, AOA Cream. Gfriend continued their winning streak with “Rough” on most of the shows while Taeyeon nabbed a victory for “Rain” on SBS Inkigayo.

The week played out like any long-term relationship with some highs and lows in the performances. Of course, I’m going to mention the ones that caught my eye in a positive light, but feel free to include your favorites in the comments.


IMFACT‘s “Lollipop,” MBC Show! Music Core, February 13, 2016

The thing I love most about rookie groups is their overwhelming energy on stage. They’re so excited to perform that I feel compelled to cheer along as if I was there in person. The first year is usually the busiest for any group determined to make a name for themselves, so if this level of performance is any indication, then IMFACT may go a long way.


Stellar‘s “Sting,” Arirang Simply K-pop, February 12, 2016

This group has gotten some flack for their overtly sexual concepts in the past, but if one can ignore the tacky marketing gimmicks, you may discover how naturally charismatic they are. The ladies are playful and coy as they tease the audience with a peek-a-boo performance. The risque butt-grab of their dancers really caught me by surprise, but it worked better than the awkward butt-rub dance from their “Marionette” stages. No one looked like they needed hemorrhoid cream here.


Yoo Seung-woo‘s “Whatever,” feat. Crucial Star, KBS Music Bank, February 12, 2016

I vaguely recall watching his debut stages a few years ago, and he’s improved a lot. His confidence shines as brightly as his smile, which gives me slight J-hope vibes. Not too keen on Crucial Star’s rap break, but I understand that it’s an unfortunate staple few are willing to forgo in these types of songs. Despite the gratuitous inclusion of mediocre hip hop, the rest of the song itself is quite a lovely melody.


Gfriend’s “Rough,” KBS Music Bank, February 12, 2016

The school girl concepts have been done to death, so it’s easy to overlook decent choreography when it looks like most of them only twirl and wink at the camera. As a skeptic of groups like Gfriend, I didn’t think much of their dancing ability until I watched this performance. Finally, I could see all of the intricate details in their footwork and hand movements. It helps that the cameras are actually focused on them during the right parts.


Winner‘s “Baby Baby,” SBS Inkigayo, February 14, 2016

Yes, the body rolls did me in, but it’s body rolls by Winner on Valentine’s Day. This is my present from them. No, there wasn’t a card confirming it, but I know they did this for me fans. It also helps that the song is probably conducive to some baby-making as well — no pun intended. It would be great to see them on more programs, but at this rate, I’ll take whatever bone YG throws me.

Readers, who did you love this past week? Share your favorites!

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