Welcome back to another edition of SB Week in Review! In case you missed it, here’s all the news of the week:


  • On October 20, about 390 South Koreans had the opportunity to reunite with their North Korean relatives. It was a touching reunion for many of the families as they have been separated for over 60 years. This is an initiative to improve North-South ties and the last occasion of this kind took place in February 2014.
  • A prostitution ring, consisting of former girl group members, models and celebrities, was busted earlier this week for their services, after evading suspicions for the past two months.


  • 201510023_seoulbeats_iuJunsu slays with his impressive vocals as he makes his solo comeback with emotional ballad “Yesterday”.
  • Veteran boy group Click B is finally back with a charismatic MV for “Reborn”.
  • Shinhwa‘s Dongwan made a solo comeback with “I’m Fine”.
  • Sweet Sorrow released “Hiding My Heart”.
  • IU is back with a MV for her title track “Twenty-three”, earning an all-kill on the charts immediately upon release, with the other songs from Chat-shire also charting highly.
  • Sunny Days returned with “Blah Blah”.
  • Zico dropped his solo MV with some pretty awesome animation in “Yes Or No”.
  • Topp Dopp returned two members down, but made an impression nonetheless with “The Beat”.
  • N.Flying made a comeback with “Lonely”.
  • Dia moved along their promotions with a follow-up MV for “My Friend’s Boyfriend”.
  • Twice made their much-awaited debut with “Like Ooh-Ahh”, with their accompanying album The Story Begins. The girl group is already making waves for their top-notch visuals all-around.
  • SMTM-alumni Andup dropped a solo track “It’s Me”, featuring Incredivle.
  • Sleepy collaborated together with Baek Ah-yeon to release a soothing track “Kibuntat”.
  • Rock band Buzz dropped a passionate track with “Forever Love”.
  • HIGHGRND finally released the MV for “Parachute” which they have been teasing all week long.


  • 20151023_seoulbeats_bapSM is going all out for f(x)‘s impending comeback, with a special gallery in Itaewon set up to showcase the members’ teasers. The exhibit will carry on until October 26, after which their comeback titled 4 Walls will be released at midnight.
  • B.A.P has been reminding fans about their comeback on November 15 as the members uploaded teaser images on Twitter.
  • Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-young have been cast together in Remember.
  • VIXX is confirmed for a full-length album comeback, set to be released on November 10.
  • Monsta X will be continuing with the follow-up promotions for their repackaged album, having released brooding teaser images for “Hero”.


  • 20151023_seoulbeats_ygChoi Jin-hyuk has left the army on a disability discharge following a knee injury after seven months of service.
  • Congratulations to BtoB, who finally clinched their first music show win with “Way Back Home”.
  • It is reported that YG is looking to acquire a stake in Korea’s KFC operations, as an additional stable income stream. Reactions from the ground have been rather … cynical.
  • Dating rumours between Kim Soo-hyun and Sohee were swirling all week before they were swiftly quashed.
  • Rumours between CL and Winner‘s Mino were also circulating based on photoshopped fan photos, but YG was quick to deny any relationship.
  • One couple did confirm their relationship — congrats to Alex and Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung.

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