Welcome to this week’s edition of SB Week in Review! In case you missed it, here’s the biggest news of the week:

Serious News

  • 20150904_seoulbeats_maximThe Maxim Korea cover and photo-spread of actor Kim Byung-ok continued to come under fire this week. The disturbing cover caught the attention of Cosmopolitan UK, who — like many others who have seen it — claim the photo shoot glorifies violence against women. Maxim later released an official apology for the photos and issued a recall of the September Issue.
  • Reports showed that South Korea still has the top suicide rate among the OECD. The country’s health rate was also among the lowest.
  • Former Seo Taiji and the Boys member, Lee Juno is under investigation for fraud.
  • Actor Kim Sung-min was sentenced to 10 months jail time for drug use.
  • The anniversary of the car accident that took the lives of Ladies’ Code members RiSe and EunB passed on September 3. Various Polaris artists came together to release a special rendition of “I’m Fine Thank You” and an equally emotional music video. Get your tissues ready.

Comebacks and Debuts

  • 20140904_seoulbeats_FT_Island_puppyFT Island released the Korean language version of their quirky single “Puppy.” Front man Lee Hong-ki then took to Twitter to voice his frustrations with FNC‘s lack of promotions for the release.
  • Purfles returned with “Not a Bad Thing.”
  • Verbal Jint and Sanchez dropped the MV for “Favorite!” in which the two artists dress up as famous front men, while Sanchez does his best Michael Jackson impression. The new single is part of their special collaboration album Yeoja. 
  • Eric Nam turned out to be the mystery man in Playback‘s recent teasers. Together they teamed up for “Isn’t There.”
  • Joonyoung released the, um, sensual MV for “Wet,” featuring Sistar‘s Bora.
  • The rookie girl groups continued this week with ETN‘s new group Unicorn and their boppy single “Huk.”
  • BigStar are back with “Moonlight Sonata” and a new album, Shine a Moonlight. Four songs on the album have been deemed unfit for broadcast. Thankfully, the main single is in the clear.

Teasers and Announcements

  • 20150904_seoulbeats_seventeen_boys_beCN Blue announced a September return with their second full album 2gether. The announcement was soon followed by teaser photos and the trailer for “Cinderella.”
  • Rookie group Seventeen will be returning for their first comeback since debut. Their second mini album Boys Be is due out September 10.
  • Tablo is collaborating with American hip-hop artist Joey Bada$$ for “Hood.” Several teasers have been released of various city-scapes.
  • Shinwha‘s Junjin dropped the teaser for “Wow Wow Wow” off his second solo mini album of the same title. Fellow Shinwha member Eric will feature on the track as well!
  • Following the announcement of their return as eight members, Lovelyz and Woollim began to release individual image teasers for their second mini album, Lovelyz8. This will be the first round of promotions for embattled member Ji-soo.
  • Jessi of Unpretty Rapstar notoriety is planning on making a September 15 comeback.
  • MonstaX unleashed a slew of teasers this week for “Rush,” which is due out on the 7th.
  • JYP‘s new boy band (the instrument kind) Day6 will debut on September 7 with “Congratulations.”
  • BtoB‘s Sung-jae is keeping himself quite busy these days. In addition to his current stint on WGM, he will now step up as a new Inkigayo MC and star in a new SBS drama alongside Moon Geun-young.
  • Following a lawsuit, and apparent amends made between B.A.P. and T.S. Entertainment, reports say the group is finally gearing up for a comeback.
  • After an odd Instagram re-vamp, Red Velvet began to release teaser images for their second comeback, revealing the name of their upcoming first album Red. The teaser images were shortly followed by the release of the first MV teaser for their upcoming single “Dumb Dumb.”
  • f(x) are also reportedly filming the music video for their first comeback as a four-member group.
  • Keeping up with their recent trend of ‘Everybody Gets a Comeback — except Trax,” SM also confirmed that Super Junior will release another album before members Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon begin their military service. It’s unclear if there will be promotions, but the album certainly will be a treat for fans.
  • YG unveiled the teaser photo for iKon and Winner‘s ‘Dimension’ project film premier on September 7 — I can’t be the only one confused as to what the project actually is, right?

Other News

  • 20150824_seoulbeats_CL2AM‘s Changmin has officially left JYP and moved to Big Hit Entertainment. Jo-kwon is now the only remaining 2AM member still signed with JYP.
  • Former Exo member Kris and SM’s respective legal teams met this week in Seoul courts to discuss the nullification of Kris’ contract. As expected, no agreement was reached.
  • Rain‘s contract with Cube is coming to an end, and his future plans appear to be up in the air.
  • There’s talk of a potential H.O.T. 20th anniversary re-union. Lee Soo Man appears on board, and I also am anxious to see if they’re willing to whip out the “Candy” mittens for the occasion.
  • Ji Suk-jin followed the latest trend of signing with FNC Entertainment.
  • Rumors began circulating last weekend that a sex tape making it’s way around the internet starred Running Man host Gary. Gary’s reps quickly denied the claims and will now seek legal action against those who started the malicious rumors.
  • The 42nd Broadcasters Awards were held this week with Infinity Challenge taking home the grand prize.
  • In addition to the three Super Junior members who will be enlisting this fall, TVXQ‘s Changmin is also set to enlist in October.
  • CL sparked controversy with her responses during an interview with Paper Magazine, out on August 31. During the interview she made a few sweeping statements about Asian women, including labeling them as “very obedient, shy, timid, [and] quiet.” This controversy comes alongside her anticipated US debut.

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