Welcome back to SB Week in Review! Here’s your weekly round-up of happenings in the K-entertainment world:

Serious News

  • 20150121_seoulbeats_clara 3Marathon negotiation talks between North and South Korea came to a peaceful end this Tuesday. Following the exchange of fire earlier in the week, North Korea had declared a 48-hour ultimatum to the South to cease loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts across the border. The two countries entered talks as the North continued to mobilize troops. In the end, the South agreed to halt propaganda broadcasts across the border, and North expressed regret over the injuring of two South Korean soldiers earlier this month. While the agreement is fragile, it seems the peninsula can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being.
  • Clara will take the stand as a witness against Polaris Entertainment CEO Lee Kyu-tae, who she claims threatened and sexually harassed her through text messages. Clara was charged with blackmail against the same CEO last October but was found innocent in court this past July. The CEO has already been prosecuted for lobbying and fraud.
  • The family of deceased musician Shin Hae-chul will take his doctor to court, suing him for medical negligence and compensation of 2.3 billion Won. Shin passed away in October of 2014 following surgery on his gastrointestinal tract. Shin’s death was ruled to be the result of medical negligence back in March.
  • The remaining members of Ladies Code took the stage on August 22 during a special memorial concert for members RiSe and EunB who were killed last year in a tragic car accident. Ladies Code performed the special track “I Will Smile Even if It Hurts” as tribute to the two young women.

Comebacks and Debuts

  • DSP debuted Kara‘s sister group April this week. The young ladies released the cutesy MV for “Dream Candy” on August 23.
  • Rookie girl group MyB also debuted this week with the upbeat “My Oh My.”
  • Hyorin, Zico and Paloalto dropped the collaboration rap-track “Dark Panda” on August 25.

Teasers and Announcements

  • 20150827_seoulbeat_lovelyzMBK rookie group DIA released the teaser for their debut track “I Got a Feeling.” The ladies will debut officially on September 14.
  • Exo‘s Do Kyungsoo will act in the film Hyung alongside Jo Jung-suk. Hyung is set to begin filming in October.
  • Unpretty Rapstar 2 teasers began to drop this week. In addition to the previously confirmed line-up, underground rappers Haize, Ash-B, Truedy and YG trainee Moon Soo-ah will also join the competition.
  • CNBlue announced their plans for a September comeback with a Yonghwa composition.
  • Songstress Lee Hi will be coming back through Tablo‘s new label, High Ground.
  • Dancer, choreographer, producer and singer Poppin’ Hyun Joon will be returning September 7 with his first studio album in six years titled I’m Nam Hyun Joon.
  • Verbal Jint, Sanchez and LE (EXID) plan to release a collaboration single “We Arae.” The single will be part of Verbal Jint and Sanchez’s upcoming collaboration album Women.
  • Shinee‘s Jonghyun will hold his first solo concert series “The Story” for eight days in October at SM‘s Coex Artium. The concert comes as part of SM’s new concert series titled “The Agit.”
  • Infinite‘s second world tour will begin in September, with tour dates listed for ten countries over the span of three months. The “Infinite Effect” tour should continue into next year, with even more international tour dates to come.
  • FNC is teaming up with Chinese companies Baidu and iQIY to produce a seven-member boy group.
  • Lovelyz dropped the first teaser image for their next comeback, alongside the announcement of Jisoo‘s return.
  •  SMTM4 rapper Hanhae will be releasing a solo album this September.
  • Exo is reportedly gearing up for a Japanese debut by the end of the year. My goodness, will these boys ever rest?

Other News

  • 150823_seoulbeats_parkmyungsoo_iuThe Infinity Challenge Music Festival took place on Sunday featuring acts that combined cast members with various artists including IU, Zion.T, Hyukoh and more. The tracks quickly topped Korean charts. For those who tuned in, did you have a favorite collaboration?
  • Former Exo member update of the week: Tao officially filed for contract termination from SM Entertainment. Former member Luhan also announced his first solo mini album Reboot, due out in September.
  • SM Entertainment continues to expand their empire market by market. This week they announced their partnership with sports agency IB World.
  • ZE:A member Min-woo will be enlisting in the military on September 15.
  • Star Empire continues to struggle, as it was revealed that the agency building has been put up for auction.
  • G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara reportedly broke up. Even though the relationship was never confirmed, YG still responded to the rumors saying they don’t discuss GD’s personal life.
  • Former f(x) member Sulli joined Instagram.


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