Welcome back, SB readers, to another round of the SB Mixtape. Frequently, these mixtapes are inspired by whatever is happening in our lives when we’re putting them together. This is one such mixtape, one I would have been happy to leave undone for a while.

On Saturday, August 22, my paternal grandmother left this world for the next. She was one of the kindest, bravest people I have ever known. She left her homeland at 19 to marry her soulmate, lived as a foreign national during the Cold War, raised six children, saw nine grandchildren born, and ensured 13 of her 15 descendants had wine palates her family would be proud of. As good as her life was and as glad as we are that her suffering is over, it doesn’t lessen the feeling of being stabbed in the heart with a rusted knife. But music does, if only a little.

Grief And Loss from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

Are there any K-pop tracks you turn to in times of loss, readers?