The May-June months will potentially go down in history as one of K-pop’s busiest months, as a good number of K-pop heavyweights will be embarking on their long-awaited comebacks. And as Exo and Big Bang battle it out on the stage this few weeks, let’s not forget the achievements of our favourite bulletproof BTS, who finally clinched their first music show win last month with “I Need U”. Well-deserved indeed!

So to follow-up with our previous mixtape of music show wins, here’s part 2 of the playlist, featuring some favourites from way back such as CN Blue‘s monster rookie win with “I’m a Loner”. Also, can you believe “Bar Bar Bar” and “Wolf” were released two years ago?

And The Champion Song Goes To… from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

What songs would you like to see on this playlist?