Welcome to this month’s edition of OST Roundup!

Smaller names have been entering the scene this spring. They contribute their own distinctive style to the dramas and it’s a great way for lesser known singers to get their name out there. Besides the influx of newbies, Junsu also graces us with his presence in this segment. Between his OST release and his first broadcast appearance, this is the best time to be a Junsu fan.

Junsu’s “The Game Begins”, Death Note Musical OST

For those international fans who always bemoan about not being able to watch musicals in Korea, this MV should come as a real treat. Junsu has been casted as L in the Death Note Musical, and right off the bat, we are treated to his rendition of one of the pieces, with an accompanying elaborate MV. It’s a much more controlled Junsu than we’re used to hearing, and it’s peppered with low vibratos, harsh emotive vocals, and a haunting melody. Only Junsu can straddle the balance between demonic and angelic perfectly, and it’s no wonder his musicals always sell out immediately.

Kangnam‘s “Delicious”, Let’s Eat 2 OST

While some of us may only know Kangnam as this goofy variety star, truth is he’s the main vocal for hip-hop group M.I.B. I really like this breezy and upbeat tune, and it fits perfectly with his smooth yet slightly nasal voice. The track’s main beat reminds me of Cho Yong-Pil‘s “Bounce”, which is always a good thing in my book.


JuB (Sunny Hill) & Yi-jeong‘s (History) “Confusing”, The Girl Who Sees Smells OST

I’m totally digging the whimsical feel of the track, and the singers’ feathery voices jell together amazingly to create this addictive track. The simple guitar and piano instrumental really bring out the slightly playful and offbeat nature of this OST, and so far it’s been one of my favourites in Smells. Another light-hearted and springy track from Smells is Yoo-joo (G-friend) & Loco‘s collaboration for “Spring Is Gone By Chance”.

Kim Yuna‘s (featuring Olltii) “Lucid Dreams”, Missing Noir M OST

This track is somewhat similar to Kill Me Heal Me‘s “Auditory Hallucinations”, with the haunting female vocals interspersed with harsh and aggressive raps. It’s a somewhat creepy track that accurately reflects the psychotic minds of the criminals, and Missing has been doing a bang-up job of writing detailed and smart criminal cases. The quick pace keeps the viewers on their toes and I’m just so impressed with the quality of the show thus far.

Baekhyun‘s (Exo) “Beautiful”, EXO Next Door OST

Another Exo member drops his debut OST, and guess what, it’s for Exo’s own fanfic-turned-drama. It’s a simple and sweet track where the singer sings of the beauty of his crush, and it’s yunno, gonne be a must-listen for Exo-Ls. It’s always encouraging to see idol vocalists stretch their skills a little more with solo releases, and “Beautiful” is right up that alley.

Readers, what was your favorite OST release in April?