Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take the time out of the week to share some of the most recent fashion-forward photos tied to the K-pop landscape.

The dark has a funny way of distorting images, whether by casting shadows, distorting bright light, or amping up contrast through flash in photographs. For the idols, actors, and models who stay up all night, the world takes on a darker dimension; do they become nightmares or nice dreams?

Siwan (ZE:A) | W Korea (above and below)

20150302_seoulbeats_zea_siwan 3

Han Ye-seulMarie Claire 

20150302_seoulbeats_han ye seul

Kim Woo-bin | Sieg Fahrenheit S/S 2015

20150302_seoulbeats_kim woo bin

Ji-sook (Rainbow) | Innocent 

20150302_seoulbeats_rainbow_ji sook

Han Groo | GQ Korea

20150302_seoulbeats_han groo

20150302_seoulbeats_han groo 2

Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls) | Hawwah

20150302_seoulbeats_brown eyed girls_gain

Yonghwa (CNBlue) | Ize

20150302_seoulbeats_cn blue_yong hwa

Park Si-yeon | Grazia

20150302_seoulbeats_park si yeon

Yewon (Jewelry) | Arena Homme +

20150302_seoulbeats_jewelry_ye won

Junho (2PM) | Sure


Min Hyo-rin | Arena Homme +

20150302_seoulbeats_min hyo rin

Ji Chang-wook | InStyle

20150302_seoulbeats_ji chang wook

G.Soul | Dazed and Confused


Dara (2NE1) | Adidas 2015


Infinite H | Dazed and Confused

20150302_seoulbeats_infinite h

Yeo Jin-goo | Nylon 

20150302_seoulbeats_yeo jin goo

(Images via W Korea, Marie Claire, Sieg, DSP Media, GQ Korea, APOP Entertainment, Ize, Grazia, Arena Homme +, Sure, Instyle, Dazed and Confused, Adidas, Nylon)