20150203_Seoulbeats_memory_Shinhwa Fans have been anxiously awaiting the return of veteran group Shinhwa since their comeback announcement in December. Good news: the wait is almost over! Even better news: on February 3rd, ShinCom Entertainment released the music video for the special pre-release track, “Memory.”

Shinhwa’s upcoming album “We,” slated for a February 12th release, will be their 12th studio album following their 2013 album The Classic. Furthermore, 2015 will mark the group’s 17th year together, making them the oldest surviving K-pop male group.

As such, the special pre-release music video and song serve as a reflective celebration of the group’s time together. Composed by e.one, the track itself is a sentimental ballad that is intended to evoke senses of both nostalgia and hope.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5mHxj-ITjs]

The MV for “Memory,” though simple, compliments the track as it also depicts a reflective journey. Interspersed with shots of a young woman walking through nature with a feather in her hands, we see cuts of Shinhwa on tour, both on and back stage. When the young woman reaches her destination, a beach, she leaves the feather in the sand before gallivanting along on the sand and looking towards the sunset. At the same time, the concert footage cuts to the members embracing one another and smiling with fans as confetti falls around them.

The lyrics of the track are overlaid through the entire music video, helping to convey the meaning of the track further. Even though the song is celebratory in many ways, it explores not only the joy of reminiscing but also the sense of emptiness that comes with the passage of time. After 17 years together, the group is sure to have made many memories — both good and bad — and the song is overflowing with sincerity.

Overall, “Memories” is a sentimental pre-release track that feels deeply personal as the group sings about their past, present and future — culminating in a desire to create even more memories together.

Readers, how do you feel about the special pre-release? Are you excited for Shinhwa’s return later this month?

(YouTube. Images via ShinCom Entertainment)