20150107_seoulbeats_orangecaramel_lizzyAfter School‘s Lizzy has joined the long list of idols set to make a solo debut this year, scheduling her first single to be released on January 17. The digital single is, at the moment, titled “I’m Not an Easy Girl,” although Pledis Entertainment has indicated that this may be subject to change. The song promises to be trot-inspired, hopefully showcasing a different side to Lizzy’s skills from what we have already seen in her work with After School and sub-unit Orange Caramel.

Lizzy will be debuting on the KBS show National Singing Contest, with a pre-recorded performance set to be aired on the 17th. Lizzy has also made sure to increase the hype around her debut by becoming the co-host of food show Tasty Road. This will ensure that fans will get to see Lizzy’s personality on TV whilst she is promoting for her debut, perhaps making her a household name.

2014 was a jam-packed year for Orange Caramel, with numerous memorable MVs and catchy hits. At this rate, 2015 looks even more busy for Lizzy personally. Lizzy has proven herself to be a diverse idol, being sultry in After School and adorable in Orange Caramel, with this solo debut hopefully showing yet another side to her.

(Images via Pledis Entertainment)