20120309_seoulbeats_blockbWith Block B looking at a possible comeback sometime soon, to continue the high they left last year on, it might be the right time to take a deeper look into Block B and their lyrics. Don’t worry; we’re going to go a little further than Zico spelling his name in practically every song.

We all know Block B started out as the BIG BANG-esc bad boys of Stardom Entertainment. However, Block B has never been afraid to challenge the limits set for them by creating their own identity, experimenting musically and filing a lawsuit against their company. However, despite pushing the limits musically, lyrically a lot of their major releases seem very straightforward.

There is no denying that Block B is a group that flourishes when they are themselves — having input in most of their releases. As a result, most of their main releases seem to lack depth, mostly pertaining to their un-tamable bad boy image. Unsurprisingly, the other side of Block B hardly gets to see the light; the side that is sincere, emotional and complex. For instance, Block B does have the ability to undergo a relationship more complex than kidnapping a girl and taking her to the circus.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVEl6SwZ1_4&w=560&h=315]

Block B displays emotional complexity within their softer releases. Probably, the most out of character song to date –exploring the ballad genre — was “Hold Me Now”, sung by Tae-Il. The song details the desires of someone when they reach out to another. More complex than the vibrant “H.E.R”, which details attraction, “Hold Me Now” is the song which embodies a relationship based on deeper emotional roots.

20131130_blockb_taeil_ceciWas it really hard to accept me?
Did the scars inside push me away?
Don’t worry, I’ll share your sadness
So you will be completely healed, you’re not alone

The listener really gets to be front seat to the emotions that play out at the beginning of this relationship. The lyrics create the vision of someone who is coaxing another into letting go of their fears by offering warmth and comfort. They are not bitter or demanding, it is all about the other person being comfortable. If this song doesn’t have the ability to melt hearts, then I don’t know a song that does! It is a drastic turn around from the high energy and ‘nobody can stop me’ releases that litter Block B’s albums.

Rather than someone needing them, the scenario is switched in “Be the Light”, which is probably their most successful emotional ballad. I am a sucker for metaphors, so it’s probably why I fell hard and fast for this 2013 release off the extended play, Very Good. The song details the need for someone else to clear the chaos in their life and point them in the right direction. Hence the hook ‘Be the light’, obviously metaphorically speaking.

At first look this song can seem like a ballad sung from one person to another, but look deeper and it is easy to see that it is written to fans during the turbulent time Block B went through when they filed its lawsuit. It is a song filled with many layers, becoming the pinnacle of Block B’s growth. It seems as the group, or Zico, get more say in the direction of their music, these uncharacteristic releases are getting to see the light of day.

Be the light
Shine on my black and hidden heart
Melt me from being frozen
So that you’ll be so dazzling
That no one else
can look at you

20130107_seoulbeats_blockb_zicoFunnily enough, we have to go back to the start to find one of the most complex Block B creations to date. This is the 2011 release from their 2nd mini album, Welcome to the Block. While still an upbeat song, “100%” is almost bittersweet when a man cannot stop finding similarities between his current girlfriend and the one that left him.

You have so many similarities with the girl who hurt me so painfully
Whenever I see you, I doubt my own eyes
But strangely, I’m attracted to you more because of it
What do I do

It becomes increasingly clear that the members of Block B are still attached to their previous relationships. How many times can they bring up the same girl and relate her to their ex-girlfriend? I would count the amount of times but it would take too long. However, as the song progresses the members start to question themselves on their choices. It seems obvious to the viewer that when you look at a person and can’t help see someone else, it is not going to work out. Suprisingly, they decide to trust in their current girlfriend and just go with the flow. Talk about complicated!

Your phone keeps ringing even when we’re together
Is it a guy or a girl, you can’t let go of your phone
You are so identical to her that I wonder whether this is right or wrong

Block B is capable of experimenting with the lyrical and emotional content of their songs as much as its musical component. They don’t always have to be bad boys; sometimes they are just people. So, sorry to ruin your bad boy image, Block B, if in fact that is what happened here? You can have another idol-off with BTS anytime to take it back though!

(Seven Seasons, Stardom Entertainment)