Welcome to SB Mixtape! This week we are featuring R&B (rhythm and blues) songs. Originally a style of music marketed and created by a specific demographic, the genre has broadened to appeal to many and in the process undergone a few changes. Through the years, R&B has been marked by such distinct elements as jazz, funk, soul, gospel, blues, rap, and more recently EDM. Also, hip-hop and R&B are becoming increasingly linked together – with Billboard even combining the two terms for one of its charts.

Korean R&B frequently meshes hip-hop and R&B together in many popular songs. A component usually present in most R&B songs is the melismatic vocal styling that takes a syllable across different melodic notes. In addition, as groups are still prominent in the K-entertainment scene, varying tones and harmonies can all be experienced in one song. Check it out in the playlist below!

Groove to the Rhythm and Blues from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio

R&B continues to undergo a revolution in its sound. There were certainly a bunch of tracks that I could not fit on this playlist. Which R&B songs and artists are your favorites, and which ones do you think should have been included?