20140916_seoulbeats_gonghyojin_leejinwookEarlier in May this year, Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Jin-wook joined the long list of couples that had their relationship revealed to their public. Their relationship was discovered when Sports Seoul published photos of the two actors on a date near her house. The two have been spotted together occasionally at fashion shows, and bonded over their mutual interest in fashion stemming from their modelling pasts.

This is not their first public relationship for either of them, having dated co-stars before – Lee dated Hallyu veteran Choi Ji-woo for three years before breaking up, citing ‘too much public scrutiny’; Gong also dated Ryu Seung-bum on and off for ten years before officially ending things in 2012.

After only four months of dating, both parties have agreed to call it quits. Their respective agencies have released official statements, that the two celebrities have parted and will remain as good friends and colleagues. It seems that their busy schedules have posed as an obstacle, as Gong was busy with It’s Okay, That’s Love while Lee started filming for Three Musketeers.

It’s a pity to see this couple go their separate ways, especially since they are both extremely likeable, and they look well-suited for each other. In any case, we wish them both the best for the future!

(Sports Seoul)