20120321_seoulbeats_bap_yonggukEver see an idol, display a special and private part of their personality? Maybe during one radio show, they said that they are majoring in such a such a subject. Or on a variety show appearance they said that they really have a passion for so and so. Ever feel like, if they weren’t singers, how amazing they would be in pursuing that “other” as a career? I do. In fact it makes me scratch my eyes sore that they aren’t doing another job.

Put your weapons down. I’m not saying that your oppa or unni shouldn’t be singers. I’m just merely suggesting they would be awesome at other careers! You don’t agree with me? Okay! Challenge accepted! Let me prove it to you with three examples of what job I feel your bias would do well, if singing was never to exist.

Bang Yong-guk — The Activist

Anyone who is a fan of Bang Yong-guk, have their sense of curiosity aroused when they hear him spit fire at the mic. Those deep baritones and basses send shivers up your spines  — I know it. The only way to appreciate a voice like that is on recorded vinyl.

20140824_seoulbeats_bap_yonguk_twitterlistThis tickles your fancy, but you only truly fall for this man when you hear that he is really into making this world a better place. Look on his Twitter — the majority of his following list contains organizations such as the UN, the World Aid Organisation, heck even Greenpeace! This guy goes hard for human welfare. He’s sponsored a child in Bangladesh whom he gets letters from (which he proudly shows off). He encourages his fans to donate to charity often — donating to all sorts (domestic and international alike) himself. He’s even got his budgeting down, as in a Show Champion interview he was asked what would he do with a $100,000, he replied he would donate it all with the following details:

20,000,000 Won for friends he is currently sponsoring.

30,000,000 Won for children who live in difficult condition and can’t get an education.

25,000,000 Won to build schools in Africa under B.A.P’s name.

And the remaining 25,000,000 Won to build schools under fans’ names.

His members speak highly of him — praising his abilities not only as a leader, but as an upright man who inspires others to do good. If that isn’t an activist, I don’t know what is.

Kim Heechul — Artificial Intelligence Designer

20140824_seoulbeats_superjunior_heechul_soomanKim Heechul graduated in 2008 from SangJi University’s Computer Data Informatics department — even being invited as an alumnist to give a talk at the university. Wikipedia told me that the subject of Informatics “studies the structure, algorithms, behaviour, and interactions of natural and artificial systems which store, process, access, and communicate information”. So what your saying: Heechul can make robots?

This guy is already at the top of his technology game — Worldwide Twitter Trending is  a simple task for this Super-human. And suppose that one day humans become obsolete and the only civilization to rule the Earth were robots, I’d sure put my trust in the creations of Heenim. What with all that snazzy sarcasm, cunning prowess and steel-tipped tongue, robots made under the careful instruction of Professor Heechul would provide the earth with much needed humour during this time of devastation.

However, this dream of mine was nipped in the bud when it was revealed that Heechul would close his account due to the pressures of stardom. It seems that the number of sasaeng fans was ever-increasing and spiralling out of control. For Heechul to voluntarily put his online prescense to rest, is a slap in the face of those who inconvenienced him. For this, we cannot blame him for his actions, instead we should applaud him for standing up for his own rights.

Though he may not be on Twitter anymore  — Elf’s are patiently waiting for Queen Heenim to return and reign the “inter-webs.” This truly was potential left unfulfilled. I bet Heechul secretly writes algorithms to win your hearts. Surely world domination isn’t far behind.

Kim Jonghyun — Songwriting Moghul

20140824_seoulbeats_shinee_jonghyun_jammingWhen is this boy going to discard SM and start an entertainment company of his own? He is musically talented, gifted with brains and undoubtedly charismatic; all the makings of a Musical Meister lie in his fingertips. SM is infamous for being highly over-protective of their “stock,” and it saddens me that such a rebel is being strangled in their chains.

Finding out that he wrote “Juliette” for SHINee’s 2nd mini-album back in 2009, was like a “Huzzah!” moment for me. And it was a sure fire sign that things were getting heated up in that brain of his. My predictions of his continued success as a lyricist were proven true when he played a bigger part in the writing process of SHINee’s following releases. “Obsession,” “Better Off,” “Orgel,” and “Symptoms” are the firsts of many to come. He lent his skills to Son Dambi for “Red Candle” and had a huge role in SHINee’s very own Taemin‘s solo debut — and by jove, I think he’s got it! He featured on “Depression Clock” with IU for her studio album and completely stole her limelight (even though all he does on the album apart from writing one song is sing barely-heard backing vocals). His musical prowess dominates power ballads, yet still manages to lull us to sleep. I guess the only downside of him leaving SHINee is that we wouldn’t be able to see his beautiful face in HD scans anymore. What a shame.

Though I cannot persuade Bang Yong-guk to try his hand at Politics, I can sure daydream about it. What is important to note is that idols are people. People who have the right — just as you and I do — to do what ever the hell they want. We may not agree with it, but we can’t exactly stop them either. Besides, the bodies of water and/or land between us makes things kind of difficult.

That’s it, put that knife down, I told you I would say nice things! K-pop artists are sometimes a lot more smarter then we give them credit for. They juggle a volatile career with challenging studies and a personal life — throw hormonal fans in the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. Yet these guys and gals make it work. And props to them for doing it so well!

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