The transition from sweltering summer days to the chill of autumn is one of my favorites of the year. There is nothing more I love than sitting outside on a sunny day, cozy in a sweater, and watching the changing leaves fall. Even if it is a few minutes, I need that time to slow down from the overwhelming amount of school deadlines I have and center myself again in the midst of the chaos of our COVID-19 world.

Early October marked my second K-pop anniversary (wow), so the change from summer to fall is a particularly special time for me. Naturally, BTS‘ “Save Me” has to be on this playlist since it was one of their first songs and MVs I listened to/saw. And because Everglow‘s recent comeback and their track “Hush” have really caught my eye (ear?) recently, they make an appearance.

I hope this playlist gives you a few moments to pause and rest your busy minds.