After the extended teaser-thon SM had with Exo‘s debut, it feels like we’re going at break-neck speed for their next batch of fresh faces. The four-member girl group the company recently announced has now come out with the MV teaser for debut single “Happiness,” to be released on August 4th, and a name — Red Velvet.

Most of the teaser is taken up by a(n admittedly beautiful) Scarlet Macaw, but we do get our first glimpse of the members — including mystery fourth member Joy — towards the end, their hair colour-coded for your convenience. There is a clash of concepts here: Red Velvet is trendy foodie group name, but the girls are wearing cheerleader outfits in the Amazon.

The concept is definitely jungle-inspired, judging by the individual image teasers that would make Mrs Rupa Mehra both perplexed and proud, but we’re likely to see a lot of cheerleader outfits for the group’s live performances. The group name is also meant to reflect Red Velvet’s ‘bold and soft’ image, so it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.

What do you think of Red Velvet, readers? Who’s looking forward to “Happiness”?

(Book Rags, SM Entertainment)