20140628_seoulbeats_kwillOne of K-pop’s biggest vocalists makes his comeback with another music video meant to inspire some warm happy feelings. Fans of K.Will have been waiting since last fall’s “You Don’t Know Love” for the singer grace us with his vocal range and surprising music videos. “Day 1” isn’t a bad way to re-establish his popularity.

The song is similar to many of K.Will’s songs: the story of someone who loves from afar, wanting to be the one his love interest has eyes for. But as in many of the videos that accompany these songs of longing, the receiver of this unrequited affection is completely oblivious to the hapless protagonist’s desires. However, this is a K.Will MV, after all. There’s no way things are always the way they seem. In one way or another, there’s going to be an M. Knight-esque twist that will have people screeching like shocked parakeets (“Please Don’t”), gaping wide-mouthed in a bout of what the f-ery (“Love Blossom”), or cooing like overexcited kittens (“You Don’t Know Love”).

The video stars none other than star of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Roommate cutie Park Min-woo. Before we go any further, it simply has to be said, he is the most adorable thing to ever adorable. His crater-deep dimples and silly little face is so incredibly charming, he makes almost every female in the viewing audience fall all over him like lovesick schoolgirls. “Day 1” highlights that to an almost hilarious extreme. Throw in one of the most painfully cute dogs to ever exist, and you’ve got the workings of one of most precious music videos this year.

[youtube http://youtu.be/9KVVPxexz1c]

Park Min-woo calls in to K.Will’s radio show to ask advice about how to attract the object of his affection, played by Sistar’s SoYou. K.Will acts as a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac, advising him to approach her honestly, telling him to say things like “So I’m not that handsome, but I think I look cute when I smile” and perform silly little magic tricks like the classic fire-to-rose gag meant to impress if not at least elicit a few giggles. Meanwhile, Min-woo is left alone after each attempt to get SoYou’s attention, seeking counsel from his little toy dog companion—who, as it turns out, is even less interested in the plight of his human than SoYou is with his attempts to get her attention. He sings to himself, takes selcas, imagines himself having the gumption to take what he wants.

20140628_seoulbeats_kwill_day_one6Through failed attempts to assert his cool—helping SoYoung reach a book on a high shelf, only for the entire row of books to fall on their heads, and in another scene almost burning the kitchen down in an attempt to cook an elaborate pasta dish—he finally succeeds in catching her eye (the rose trick, works every time). It’s all very classic and typical romance, right? But what about that twist? Surely it’s not as straightforward as all that.

At the end of the song’s bridge section, right before the last chorus, the music stops, and our now dating couple take a dramatic pause before the first kiss. Then the music starts back up and we get to see the entire video once again from SoYou’s point of view. Lo and behold, she’d noticed him from the very beginning, smiling at his cute efforts (and mostly horrible failures) at flirtation. Instead of being purposely aloof, she’s actually genuinely too shy to take matters into her own hands.

As far as twists go, this one was easy, not exactly the most exciting. But, hey, not every video can have the lead male falling in love with his best friend or K.Will randomly getting shot at the end. Sometimes easy is just as good as anything else. The color palette is very typical K.Will—soft, warm lighting and pastels. It’s essentially an effective tool for his music videos, the softness of the photography soothing viewers into a sense of security that the story is typical and will end in a way we all expect. However, the “plot twist” this time around didn’t exactly stray too far off course from what the audience would expect. But that can almost be completely forgiven with Min-woo’s  charm and the cuteness of the actual relationship between the two main characters.

20140628_seoulbeats_park_minwooThe song is also nothing incredible; however, the idea of having the average guy hoping his crush will return his affections is an interesting one. He’s not the outcast, and she’s not the popular girl, trying to maintain her reputation. It’s just a guy who likes a girl and wants to know how to get her attention. That being said, K.Will is K.Will, and his voice will always be flawless and can sell any song. “Day 1” is a cute little love story with an even cuter MV to back it up, and I will always be a fan of K.Will and his ability to deliver beautiful music and fun MVs.

Song: 3.75
MV: 3.75