We’ve been getting quite a few emails about this, so we thought we’d open this up: If you’re interested in submitting a guest post onto Seoulbeats, here’s your chance.

To do so, send an email over to info[at]seoulbeats.com with the title of your post as the email subject, and then briefly summarize the article in the body of the email. Attach a PDF of your completed post to the email. Your PDF post should be publish ready, which means that it should look and read like a post that would appear on the site — it should be proofread, images should be inserted, and it should be properly sourced.

If you want to write a counterpoint to a review or article we’ve recently written, if you want to touch on a topic we haven’t covered, if you’ve got a crazy idea you just want to exorcise yourself of, send us a guest post.

We’ll get in touch if we want to use it for the site.

Happy writing!

(Image via High Cut)