20130813_seoulbeats_seungri_letstalkaboutloveYou and Me, Let’s talk about… Love?! From what I’ve seen of Seungri‘s newest solo teaser, love, wasn’t quite the image I was getting–what about you?

The Bad Things, that may be:

  • Both Shinhwa Company and TS Entertainment have responded to claims that B.A.P.‘s “Badman” is plagiarized from Shinhwa‘s “We Can Get It On.” TS Entertainment has said it is not plagiarized and Shinhwa Company has said it isn’t a big deal and that B.A.P. are hoobaes that they wish well. (XSportsNews)
  • More celebrities could be in trouble because of sports gambling. It’s been reported that eight popular celebrities are currently being investigated for illegal sports gambling and are having their accounts scrutinized for deposits and withdrawals.  (OSEN, SportsSeoul, SportsDonga)
  • Gaon Charts is revamping the way they calculate their chart ranking to take adhere to the suggestion by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to help deter chart manipulation by companies.  The Gaon Chart will now give real time downloads a heavier rate in the chart ranking than real time streaming–which was found to be easily manipulated to give certain songs unfair advantages in the chart ranking. (etNews)


All The Good Things:

  • Suho–not Exo‘s leader, but the best friend of Kim Tae-woo–released the song “I’m Not Kidding” featuring guess who–Kim Tae-woo, Duble Sidekick‘s Mikey redoes one of their hits an RnB version of Sistar’s Loving You,” Phantom celebrated their 1st anniversary by releasing the song “I Already Know,” rookie girl group Queen Bz released the full version of the MV for their debut song “Bad,” Kim Sori got dressed for the occasion in the MV for her song “B.I.K.I.N.I.,” Odd Eye released an English version of their song “Catch Me If You Can,” Choi Young-joon released “The City’s Summer,” Kang Seung-yoon made a surprise release of the song “Stealer” with a romantically sweet MV starring actress Yoon Jin-yi who made a big splash with her debut as Im Meari in the K-drama A Gentleman’s Dignity, MBLAQ released the repackaged album Love Beat and an MV for the song “No Love” and rapper Swings rhymes about “A Real Lady” with the help of Beenzino, Gray and Zion T.


  • Bumkey, is probably better known for featuring in songs of other artists like Tablo and Epik High, Primary, Infinite H, Verbal Jint released his follow up song to “Bad Girl” featuring E-sens formerly of Supreme Team which was released back in the beginning of June.  His new release, “Attraction,” features Dynamic Duo and the MV stars Bumkey with Crayon Pop‘s Ellin.


  • Rookie solo artist NC.A released the drama version MV for her debit song “My Student Teacher” which is a song about her crush on her English student teacher. The MV stars Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri and actor Seo Ji-suk–I don’t think anyone missed the coincidence that Hyeri was chosen to play the student in love with an older man.

  • SS501‘s maknae, Kim Hyung-jun released the song “Always Love You” featuring Sunny Hill‘s Kota.  It’s a sweet song about an everlasting love and the MV hs a summer fun vibe and if I’m not mistaken also has an appearance by Running Man‘s maknae FD.


  • Yoo Se-yun made his come back after his DUI incident through his reappearance on SNL Korea and the release of UV‘s latest an RnB slow jam “Don’t Look, Don’t Sleep” featuring Ha Dong-kyun which at first sounds like a serious song, but then as you watch the MV more you realize–it’s not.


  • Celebrating anniversaries this week were: Phantom, AOA and Tasty who celebrated their first year since debut and Nine Muses who celebrated their third anniversary.
  •  History teases with “Tell Me Love,” AAOkay About It,” former Wonder Girl Sunmi has released teasers for her solo come back “24 Hours”–I thought she wanted to concentrate on her studies? and Seungri released an “explicit” teaser for his come back with Let’s Talk About Love.

  •  Gajame Boyscout released “Happy” for the Who Are You OST and Nell contributed the awesome track “Run” to the OST of Lee Jun-ki‘sK-drama Two Weeks--this song seriously needs an MV.
  • C.N. Blue released “One More Time” from their second Japanese album (under Warner Music Japan) What Turns You On?
  • Super Junior-M‘s Henry began promotions for his song “1-4-3(I Love You).” As part of his promotions, he released an acoustic version of the song accompanied by Exo‘s Chanyeol.


How it is, and how it could be:

  • Actress Jung So-min has joined the fast growing roster of talent signed under SM C&C. (MBN)
  • Actress Kang Hye-jung left YG Entertainment and joined CJeS, which makes one wonder what the status of husband Tablo and Epik High will be with the company? (SportsChosun)
  • Actress Ha Ji-won signed a contract with United Talent Agency to make her venture into Hollywood. Ha Ji-won has also recently been conrimed to star in the upcoming historical K-drama Hwatu alongside of Joo Jin-mo, Jung Woong-in, Choi Moo-sung, and Jin Yi-han. (SportsSeoulTVReport)
  • Good Doctor continues to rule the Monday/Tuesday dramas with a high of 15.8% in viewer ratings. Master’s Sun is dominating the Wednesday/Thursday time slot with an impressive 16.8% high rating this past week.  Looks like Seo In-guk just might have to do a duet with So Ji-sub (he promised a duet between the two if ratings hit 25%), because the drama is only on it’s 4th episode and with the ratings rising each week hitting 25% doesn’t seem impossible. (StarNews, CCDailyNews)
  • 20130813_seoulbeats_kimsoohyunjunjihyunIt’s confirmed that actress Jun Ji-hyun will make her come back to the small screen after 14 years to star opposite her The Thieves co-star Kim Soo-hyun in the K-drama Man From Another Star. Kim Soo-hyun plays an alien that comes to Earth and settles in the Joseon era and lives there until the present day. He then meets and falls in love with Jun Ji-hyun’s character who is a popular actress. The show will be a Wednesday/Thursday drama for SBS in the winter following Lee Min-ho‘s star studded Heirs which will most likely be a hit and will debut after the currently airing hit Master’s Sun which followed the last big hit I Hear Your Voice–which could realistically be a four in a row ratings hit for SBS in their Wednesday/Thursday K-drama time slot. (etoday)
  • The Wonder Girls‘ maknae Sohee starred in a KBS drama special Happy! Rose Day with Jung Woong-in, So Yoo-jin and Kim do-hyun. (bntNews)
  • Actor Baek Won-kil, who most of you might remember as Kirin High School teacher Gong Min-chul in Dream High, died in an apparent fishing accident.


Anything goes:

  • 20130813_seoulbeats_mammamiaMore K-variety shows got added to the chopping block as MBC announced it was cancelling Blind Test Show 180°. Initial reports were that KBS was going to cancel Mamma Mia in favor of its in the works copy of Dad! Where Are We Going?, Qualifications of Dad. KBS denied those reports and said merely that the show is going through a format change.
  • Ivy will be getting her own style show on OnStyle, Supreme 19, which will feature tips on beauty, fashion, food, dating, and career choices geared towards women in their 20s and 30s.
  • YG Entertainment‘s survival boy band competition WIN between its two teams of male trainees, team A & B, will debut on Mnet and tvN on August 23rd. The teams will only have 10 episodes to prove their worth and gain the hearts of fans and a debut date as the “WINNERS.” Yang Hyung-suk will hold a press conference about the show on the 20th to discuss the show’s format and introduce the team members. (StarNews)

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