20130824_gaeko_dynamicduoHappy Sunday! Let’s talk feuding in K-pop.

As everyone should know by now, there’s some beef (okay, maybe that’s an understatement) going on in the K-hip hop world. If you’re not caught up, get caught up. The short of it is that E-Sens, Dynamic Duo, Swings, and Simon D are throwing some, um, crap at each other, and there seems to be more coming our way.

Since you guys already probably discussed what’s been going on in the other post from earlier today, we won’t rehash that. My question of the day is: do you prefer if there were more fights like this in the K-pop world?

But hear me out on this one: I don’t mean to ask if you enjoy wank and scandal. I just want to know if you think K-pop could use a little more impolite, non-PC feuding. There’s a lot of, shall we say, image-saving and fake BS in the world of K-pop, and maybe it would help everyone if there was some more forthright mud-slinging instead of everyone being fake happy about everything, and then all of that getting bottled up?

Of course, mud slinging is per course in the hip hop world (even though there aren’t very many notable examples with mainstream K-hip hop acts), but maybe everyone needs a fire lit up under their asses every once in a while?

What do you think?

(Images via Amoeba Culture)