The K-pop season is starting to get exciting again. We are now seeing more comebacks both by recognised groups and solo acts from even bigger groups. That the currently promoting acts are not too bad does not hurt much either.

So let’s take a look at some of the good stuff, as well as the songs that caught my ears (and eyes) this week.

NC.A’s “My Student Teacher”, MBC TV’s Show Music Champion, 21st August 2013


A girl group that also happens to play their own instruments? I always like it when groups put in that extra effort. The tune might be simple, and the singer did appear to be straining near the end of it, but I am not inclined to quibble too much where rookies are concerned.

Brown Eyed Girls’ “Kill Bill”, MBC TV’s Show Music Champion, 21st August 2013


If there’s one thing about the Brown Eyed Girls’ promotional cycles, it is how they always seem so compressed, as if they are done before we knew it. On the other hand, it could just me missing one of their good performances. It does help that the song is good too.

Lim Jeong Hee’s “Luv Is”, MNet’s M! Countdown, 22nd August 2013


Lim Jeong Hee might not be the highest profile solo female artiste, but she’s certainly not the least talented, judging from this ballad. There is a good reason why ballads are best left to the professionals, given the added control she has over the trickier notes.

Sunmi’s “24 Hours”, KBS2’s Music Bank, 23rd August 2013


And the comeback of the week would go to Sunmi’s solo debut. For someone who has been out of the performing limelight, she has still got a good grip on the stage. I guess that’s something expected of an ex-Wondergirl. Plus I like how the song plays up her vocal qualities, such that what is a rather thin, breathy voice ends of taking on a slightly sultry charm of its own. Not to forget there’s something rather appealing about a mid-tempo dance track for me.


ZE:A’s “The Ghost of Wind”, MBC’s Music Core 24th August 2013


ZE:A have for me been this year’s most improved. I am liking this track’s rather unforced cool, and at the same having a sound that is ZE:A’s. Certainly a far cry from the embarrassment back then which was known as “Mazeltov”.


EXO’s “Growl” on MBC’s Music Core, 24th August 2013


I might be like the umpteenth writer to recommend this song, but yes, after weeks it still appeals. And yes, this song is finally the one that would make it happen. I chose this performance if because the outfits in this are better than the ones on Music Bank. What were they thinking with those sweatshirts?!

And this is it for this week’s picks! Leave some of your thoughts below.

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