20130811_seoulbeats_tasty1After a hiatus that was just days shy of one year, Tasty has resurfaced from the basement practice rooms of Woollim Entertainment — or is it Woollim Label now?

The duo comprises of twins Daeryong and Soryong with their resume including three years  experience as backup dancers to JYP artists. Debuting with “You Know Me” last year, they were taglined as “Asia’s No. 1 Dance Duo” by Woollim. Since their debut single Spectrum, the duo has remained out of the radar until their comeback was announced.

“Mamama” is the title track of their second single, Spectacular. This being their first comeback, they had to prove themselves up to their “Asia’s No. 1 Dance Duo” title. So how did the MV fare?

Before we go into the deeper, let’s take in the song. While the lyrics are trivial, it is miles better than what we got with “You Know Me.” For one, there is more singing! It is a repetitive song that barely reaches three minutes long, but it is better than their debut song. Both “You Know Me” and “Mamama” were produced by Rphabet and it is nice to see that they are still sticking to their guns while evolving their music. Furthermore, it is equally nice that while Rphabet produced both this song and labelmate Infinite’s “Destiny,” it does not sound the same in any way, which is a relief.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot_P_6c-3t8]

As for the MV, it is comprised of four parts: the twins flirting with a girl, the dancing scenes with the back up dancers, the twins dancing by themselves in a mirrored room and close-up shots of each member. The color palette was pleasant to the eyes. The color of what they wore worked in well with the simple backgrounds we see.

20130811_seoulbeats_tastyThe choreography was very clean and it worked well with the song. A part that was especially great was when their arms imitate the hands of the clock as they go “Don’t look at others. AM PM, don’t look at the clock.” It was witty of them to add that piece of choreography in.

Another strong point of this MV was the twins actually interacting with the girl. They flirted with her and had actual physical contact with her that is reminiscent to flirting in a club. Now that they have the same hair, I can’t tell which twin is which, so I can’t tell if the scenes with the girl is suggesting twincest or just playing off the fact that they are twins. It is fitting for them since they belong to the ’88-line and aren’t expected to keep with the relatively innocent image that Infinite has.

20130811_seoulbeats_infinite hSpeaking of Infinite, we also get a cameo from Infinite-H around the last part of the MV. Tasty, you don’t want us to look at anyone else? How can we not when Hoya and Dongwoo suddenly appear? The only reason they do appear is because they wrote the lyrics to “Mamama.” It was highly unnecessary and it is obvious that the reason they are in the MV is to get Inspirits to check it out. While I don’t blame Woollim at all since many other companies do this as well, I wish they had given Infinite H some kind of role other than to walk out of the car and look good. Maybe they could have also danced with Tasty for a bit?

While the song nor MV was inventive, Tasty isn’t exactly a group you go to for such. You go to Tasty for songs easy to dance to and for songs that you can easily lose yourself in. We get an improved Tasty in “Mamama” and the MV gets a 3/5.

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