After the last summer’s mega-hit “Electric Shock,” fans were expecting an f(x) comeback sometime this year in the summer, and for once, SM Entertainment finally delivered on timing. The company uploaded a two minute video to their YouTube channel: an art film for f(x)’s second studio album, Pink Tape, along with the information that the group is set to make a comeback on July 29th!

The art film looks mostly like a behind-the-scenes video, potentially for their new album’s photo shoot. Krystal starts it off with words in English, which leads into snapshots and short videos of the girls. It’s an art film in the way you’d expect it to be: shaky cameras, strange objects, close-ups on strange movements. But it’s an image that works for f(x), who has been long advertised as SME’s eclectic group. The new song accompanying the video suits the short clip, whimsical enough to match the editing and actions. The set-up also fits with the girls, and they look like they’re enjoying whatever they’re doing, may it be Amber and her shark, Luna and her bubbles, Sulli and her veil, Krystal and her tutu, or Victoria and her matches.

20130717_f(x)_krystal_pinktape_teaserAlso released for f(x) was a teaser of Krystal with her back to our view, her hands on the shoulders of someone that looks suspiciously like Exo‘s Kai. There’s also another image, this time with Krystal’s face to the camera as she hugs someone — who, if going by the clothing, may also be Kai — accompanying the caption, “It is not comprehensible by reason.” If it is Kai, or any Exo member, then it’s great promotion for both groups since Exo is set to return with their follow-up song too, as well.

This looks like a promising foray for the group, and it seems like SME is putting a decent amount of effort into this comeback. Are you all excited for f(x)’s return? How does the concept look so far?

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