Xia Junsu’s “Incredible” (feat. Quincy) is out, flaunting its earworm melody and danciness with a party MV featuring an abundance of scantily clad folks and one incredible gold suit.

Let’s call this what it is: A pool party music video, shot in a California mansion to emphasize that this is a summer single. Junsu gives a great performance, and the rest is sensual, fun and a tad mindless. It’s everything it should be, but not more, which is totally a-ok in this writer’s book. Add the fact that the party looks fun and appropriately populated, and this might be the best summer jam MV of 2013.


However, there is an interesting technical feature, which is visual obstruction. There’s a whole lot of blurring, double vision and camera-shaking going on. Not only that, but there are also quick cuts, flashing lights and projected patterns on the walls. Everything seems to take away from focusing clearly on the full picture. This lends to the hazy, party vibe, and could be stretched to illustrate how one feels when blown away by someone “incredible,” but what it really does is distract from the dance and Junsu’s face. Instead of artistic, it feels like a contact lens got knocked out-of-place. A little blurriness can be effective and whimsical every once in a while, but when it takes away from the main feature — your star — it doesn’t seem like a strong choice.

It’s disappointing that the camerawork detracts from the dance, because the choreography is off the hook. It’s energetic, sharp and powerful, and this boldness is what saves it from getting lost in the frenetic editing. While it’s expected that an upbeat track would have a strong dance, it’s very satisfying to see both Junsu and the backup dancers do a sensational job. I’d recommend watching his live performance (“Incredible” starts at the 22:09 mark), and hopefully we’ll see a dance version soon.

20130717_seoulbeats_jyj_junsu2The look of the video is bright, and while it verges on too much, there is an aesthetically pleasing balance of colors. There are also enough cuts to softer shots of Junsu alone to give the viewer a two-second break before getting back to the neon party. The striking color choices intertwine with strength of the dance, Junsu’s fluid performance and the misguided, though pronounced camerawork. Perhaps the only element that doesn’t match the bombastic tone is Quincy’s lackluster rap, which is underscored by a lull in the music and his unenthusiastic tennis playing.

What more could a viewer want besides an amazing dance, bright outfits and plenty to laugh at? Maybe a little substance, which the video does not have. Or does it? In order to unearth the brilliant message of the “Incredible” MV, first one must determine what is not.

Here is what the MV is not about:

  • It’s not about Junsu’s flower throne outfit, which is so cool looking it’s a shame it’s not featured more.
  • It’s not about efficient energy use. That fireplace is burning in the middle of summer.
  • It’s not about Quincy. While his main purpose is for assumedly mutually beneficial commercial reasons, the wisdom of his rhymes could have been clearer. What is “spaceship candy” and how can I shake it? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • It’s not an instruction manual on how to properly seduce someone. When you’re in bed, it’s inappropriate to get your sing on. Unless it’s a metaphor, in which case it’s completely appropriate.
  • It’s not a meta comment on viewership and the fourth wall, no matter how many times hipster lady and her camera appears.
  • It’s not a deep analogy about how what humans seek in life (constant happiness, i.e. the eternal party) is unachievable, illustrated through the use of the blurred camera. Junsu does not inhabit a conflicted space where he simultaneously represents living in the moment and unattainability.

Here is what the MV is absolutely about:

  • An incredible lady, possibly an alien.
  • How to properly dance, with energy, sharpness and expression.
  • Suits, particularly of the spotted or gold variety.
  • Fish hats.
  • That one really conspicuous muscled guy.
  • Gyrating on a bed.

From this we can clearly deduce the moral of the video: In order to live life to the fullest, wear gold suits and put your swag on.

Junsu delivers again. 4/5.

Readers, what do you think of Junsu’s MV? And seriously, what is “spaceship candy”?

(LOEN Entertainment)