Having already released two full length albums in the last six months, one may be forgiven for feeling that they have had enough of Shinee for the year. If you are in this category, however, then it is advised you avert your eyes; for here is another 97 seconds of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin coming your way in the form of the short PV for latest Japanese single “Breaking News.”


Many K-pop fans knew that a Japanese Shinee album was pending — after all, this was the reason the boys had to promote “Why So Serious?” without main vocalist Jonghyun — and the release of the short PV be EMI Japan brings us closer to the release of the group’s second album, Boys Meet U, on the 26th of June. Included on the album are the Japanese version of “Sherlock,” make-over special “Dazzling Girl,” earlier release Japanese release “Fire,” ever-so-beautiful “1000 Years, Always By Your Side,” and now “Breaking News.”

The song sounds like a marriage of “Dream Girl” and “Why So Serious,” though the accompanying MV is not as bright and cheery — bleached of most colour, only orange stands out to accent the primarily black and white visuals; this may have been to mimic newsprint in a reference to the song’s name, but the phrase “breaking news” would be better signified in this day and age with some shade of blue, be it dark (Facebook), light (Twitter) or teal (Tumblr). The sets themselves feel like a tight fit and are pretty basic, but the boys themselves look OK, even with the colour leached from their faces by the post-production team.

What do you think of “Breaking News” so far, and who’s looking forward to this new album, regardless of its name?

(EMI Japan)