20130615_seoulbeats_bapJust when you thought the group might get some rest since they’ve been busy on their Pacific tour and had heavy promotions starting from February, B.A.P releases news of a summer mini-album comeback! Fans were already aware that something was brewing given the Las Vegas stop for filming while the six-membered group was in the U.S. leg of their Live on Earth Pacific tour, requiring police to block off the area so the filming could proceed accordingly.

But recently, TS Entertainment released news that B.A.P would be making a comeback this summer with a blockbuster level music video and three title tracks for their third mini-album, with the date of June 28th holding importance. While fans recognize it as the birthday of main vocalist Dae-hyun, it’s also the day when something will be released for the comeback. As of this writing, some reports say that the entire mini-album is up for release on that date while others hold that only one of the three title tracks will be released, not the entire album. Either way, this news comes after B.A.P’s longest break between releases (not by much). Regardless of what is released and the frequency of the group’s comebacks, it seems like it’ll be something to look forward to.

20121026_seoulbeats_bap_stopit2And let’s be real: our B.A.P comeback senses were tingling. The longest that B.A.P has gone without releasing an album is a little less than four months. And what do you know, June is the fourth month since the February release of One Shot. Regardless of how much fans want them to take a legitimate break, track record shows that isn’t going to happen. It would actually make more sense for the group to take advantage of some of the momentum built by their tour and release something in the wake of their performances. Also, the group’s planning on a fall entrance into the Japanese music scene and is already signed with King Records. They would either have had to make their Korean comeback before or after this Japanese effort; choosing after would have created a break from Korea that is just too long and precarious for the group’s standing.

Although B.A.P has risen remarkably in their year and some active, they haven’t reached that elusive number one on a music show (regardless how fan-based it has become) nor have they had their promotional singles do particularly strongly in the digital category, meaning the time for rest has yet to come. And though Lindsay easily refuted comparisons to the newly-debuted Bulletproof Boy Scouts in her music video review for “No More Dream,” those correlations are still made, perhaps indicating some competition for B.A.P in the style they initially expressed as their interest.

If anything, the new comeback can bring what any B.A.P comeback usually does: anticipation for contributions from Bang Yong-guk, whose individual releases on various social media have been honestly getting better and better, an interesting choreography that might be more dangerous than the last, and from the example of “One Shot,” a certainly well-edited music video that hopefully will merit a filming at Las Vegas.

20130215_seoulbeats_bap3For speculation, perhaps the album will include a six-membered version of “Sexy Clap,” performed by Yong-guk and Him-chan during their Pacific tour. And if Yong-guk’s latest influences prove true, an electronic turn in their music? Or is it “One Shot” part two: an escape or release from jail leads the group to make their newest gig robbing casinos (featuring Young-jae, who’s out to get them, again).

Are you all excited for what B.A.P is bringing to the table next? Is it too soon for a comeback or does it feel just right? What kind of turn might the group take next, keeping in mind their Vegas stop? Add your commentary below!

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