CL has released “The Baddest Female”! I don’t know what to celebrate first — CL’s official solo debut or the fact that YG released it right on time. Check out the MV:


We weren’t 100% sure what to expect from CL, but the song and video deliver the most logical package: An all rap song, with a fierce and hysterical “bad girl” proclamation thrown in, and a flashy video comprised of miscellaneous scenes. While I’m sure there’s lots of symbolic meaning behind the props and costumes, for now the goal of the MV seems to be “show CL in the most swaggerific light possible.” The video gives us the slick, visual roller coaster we’re familiar with from YG, and certain scenes echo G-Dragon‘s “One of a Kind.” Since Director Seo Hyun-seung has been with the company for 10 years, it looks like YG is not only cultivating their idols, but also a particular aesthetic look across the board. However expected or familiar, CL does pull off the concept with lots of charisma and badness.

A review is on the way, but how’s everyone liking the song and MV so far?

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