20130407_seoulbeats_akdongmusicians3If you have been following K-pop Star Season 2, you are probably not surprised that the two siblings from Mongol aka Akdong Musicians won this season, although it was a close win.  The two ordinary looking yet extraordinary musicians have been producing hits and topping charts almost every week.  Lee Chan-hyuk, the older brother, is an amazing composer that made the biggest ego of them all, JYP , jealous of his talents.  Lee Soo-hyun, the younger sister has a sweet yet strong and unique voice that made YG and BoA melt numerous times throughout the show.

Now that they’ve won, the biggest question is about which of the Big 3 they will sign with.  Based on Season 1’s results, signing with either YG or SM would be their best bet.   Season 1’s winner Park Ji-min signed with JYP and her début as part of 15& was lackluster.  On the other hand, Lee Hi the second runner up, signed with YG and is currently topping all charts.  Of course, we have no idea what happened behind the doors at the negotiation table but I truly hope that Akdong Musician would sign with YG.

Although Bang Ye-dam didn’t win, I have a feeling that we will be seeing him début in the near future as well.  Again, I just hope that he’ll début with either YG or SM.  Actually, signing with JYP would be a suicidal move for anyone at this point.