20130318_seoulbeats_snsd_yuri_highcutEvery once in a while, we get emails from readers who direct specific questions to certain members of the team, questions on what they think of X or Y. We have been getting these emails with increasing frequency, so we thought we’d open it up in a new segment. Think of this like the Tumblr ask function, if you will.

For this week, feel free to ask our editors anything you’d like, pertaining to K-pop, Seoulbeats, or what-have-you. Our current editors are Fannie, Patricia, Gaya, Johnelle, and myself. Leave your questions in the comments section, and like the Reddit AMA’s (because we’re soooooo important), you’re free to ask anything, but we reserve right to stay mum on certain things ;)

I’ll actually start, because these are things that I’m curious about.

Gaya, do you really like Minho that much? Patricia, you too? If you guys had to fight for Minho, who would win?!

Fannie, who’s your ideal type in K-pop? Johnelle, fill in the blank: “I love Daesung, but if he was ever caught doing _______, I’m afraid I’d have to rescind that love.”

Go go go!

(Images via Oh! Boy, High Cut)