Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take the time out of the week to share with you all some of the best and most recent photos tied to the K-pop landscape.

Suzy & Min (miss A) | Roem

A sprig of flowers, a splash of pink, and a touch of lace… with Valentine’s Day fast approaching around the corner, it’s time to ramp up the romance! Let’s get you as picture-perfect ready for your Valentine’s Day date as the ladies of miss A, who recently took over Song Hye-kyo‘s role as the main model(s) for feminine apparel brand Roem.

Julien Kang | SURE

Of course, no date is possible without the object of your affections… so the first step to getting ready for your date is suck it up and take the plunge. It’s no easy feat, but what better time than now, to go after that studly male (or pretty female) that you’ve been pining after for the past few months, and ask them to meet you on Valentine’s Day?

Of course, when talking about handsome male specimens, who else to represent the the ideal guy to go on a date with than the illustrious Julien Kang? Definitely (and surprisingly) my favorite fake-husband on the current season of We Got Married, all those little boy idols sure could afford to learn a thing or two from him about how to properly bring on the romance.

Eugene (ex-S.E.S) | Cosmopolitan

Now that you’ve secured your date, let’s start with the preparations. It’s always a good idea for a guy to not go empty-handed, so why not start of the day off on a cheery note by showing up with a handful of pink balloons? Here we have the idol-turned-actress Eugene looking bright and happy for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

Juniel | Oh Boy!

Park Shin-hye | 1st Look Vol.38

Or perhaps she likes flowers? A beautiful bouquet can bring out a rosy glow in any girl, just like the lovely faces of Juniel and Park Shin-hye in the latest respective issues of Oh Boy! and 1st Look.

Shin Min-ah | Joinus

Now for the ladies, you definitely want to look your best for your date, so it’s time to go shopping! The effortlessly chic Shin Min-ah rocks out a pink blazer in the current season’s catalog of clothing brand Joinus.

Sung Yuri (ex-Fin.K.L) | W Korea

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the details! The right combination of the perfect hat, designer bag, and shoes can really go a long way in completing an outfit. Speaking of Fin.K.L, “Forever Love” has been stuck in my head ever since BtoB‘s Minhyuk used it for his song selection on The Romantic & Idol Season 2.

Sulli (f(x)) | Etude House

Don’t underestimate the power of makeup! Sulli and Krystal recently replaced Dara as the female face(s) of makeup brand Etude House, and while I must admit I preferred the latter for the role, this is a lovely photo that brings out the freshness of Sulli’s youth.

Hyosung (Secret) | Yes!

And for those of you that are of age, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared for a bit of fun on the more risqué side… you know…for later on… just in case. The glamorous Hyosung certainly has it going on in her recent model endorsement of lingerie brand Yes!.

Son Dam-bi | Allure

The final touch of any outfit is the perfect piece of jewelry (like these dangling earrings) to complete the look. Son Dam-bi looks ready for a romantic afternoon stroll in the most recent issue of Allure.

Han Hye-jin | Allure

Remember not to overdo it with the accessories though; sometimes simple is the most stunning, just like actress Han Hye-jin in her latest Allure photoshoot.

Tasha & Tiger JK | Schneeballen Korea

Now all you need is the perfect venue for the date! Setting up the right ambiance is the final garnish on this recipe to romance. Married couple Tasha and Tiger JK certainly seem to be enjoying each other’s company in their recent endorsement of confectionery and bakery brand Schneeballen.


In South Korea, modern tradition is that women give chocolates to their chosen men on Valentine’s Day, while men (like JYJ, who are once again reprising their role as the representatives of the NII clothing line) return the gift-giving favor a month later on White Day. Does chocolate factor into any of your Valentine’s Day plans this week? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

(Images via Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1st Look Magazine, Allure Magazine, W Korea Magazine, SURE Magazine, Oh, Boy! Magazine, Roem, Joinus, Etude House, Yes!, Schneeballen, NII)