To round out the very last category of our Best of 2012 poll series, we now turn our eyes towards the acting scene.

Dramas to make us nostalgic, dramas to make us cry, dramas to make us laugh until our insides hurt — 2012 had them all. K-drama-land had some great returning actors and actresses this year, as well as some debuts of fresh and rising talent.

Who do you think deserves the crowning title of best actor/actress in a K-drama this year?

Which K-drama do you think trumped the others in 2012?

Polls are open for only one week each post-release, and we will be starting to close polls in the upcoming week so if you haven’t voted in the other categories yet, be sure to get your vote in soon!

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[UPDATE] The polls are now closed. Thanks for voting!

(Images via Cube Entertainment, Elle Magazine)