Following on the heels of their Destiny’s Child-inspired comeback, four-member girl group Miss A appears in Vogue Girl‘s November issue. Similar to their tough, women empowerment concept, Miss A’s look for this shoot is strong. Their hair looks soft and glossy and their makeup simple and shimmery, bringing focus to their eyes, but their overall styling is iffy.

The lovely actress-maknae, Suzy, wears a blank expression, her heavy hair framing her temples. Suzy’s intentionally messy hair is pulled into pigtails, tied by two undone bows to amplify the careless look. Done right, the messy styling can look cute or sexy, like it does for Miss A in this shoot. Suzy’s dazed look and big pigtails certainly does look cute on her, however her studded top reminds me of mental patients, for reasons I’m not sure why.

In the center picture, we see the beautiful Min and Fei. With her jacket sensually slid off her shoulders, her parted lips, wavy hair, and chain necklaces dipping into her decolletage, Min looks stunning. Fei, forever an under-appreciated beauty, pierces us with an intense look but her hunched shoulders and crossed arms make her look closed off, while her tiny ponytail looks rather juvenile with the rest of her look.

In the third picture we see Min again, this time wearing a black lace dress with an asymmetrical hem and orange vest placed over her shoulder. I understand that the photo shoot aims to mix femininity with masculinity, class with untidiness, and can see that in the mixture of stylish dresses and plain makeup, but here I don’t like the orange vest with the lace dress. Maybe it’s because the vibrant color reminds me of hunting season. Min’s position is a little more awkward in this photo: hands framing hips, right leg pushed forward, chin tilted downwards to put focus on her bedroom eyes. The uneven hemline reveals a tantalizing amount of thigh, giving the picture sexiness, but Min’s posture is lazy and dead.

Jia’s solo picture was my least favorite of the shoot, mostly because of the mullet. She has a mullet — when is it ever acceptable to have a mullet? Not just that, but it’s an untidy mullet, with so much shine that it threatens to look greasy. Paired with her rug-like jacket, white shirt, and floral leggings, Jia reminds me of a stereotypical trailer park woman. At least her modelling is rather cute.

She appears again in the next picture with Suzy, wearing the same black boots as the last picture, but different leggings. Suzy definitely looks like a minx in this picture, displaying long legs and a kittenish expression. Their styling isn’t the best — Jia wears a shaggy hairdo and Suzy’s hair looks greasy. Beyond that, Jia’s leggings have a rather putrid design, and her overly long jacket does not flatter her. She looks like she belongs to a different decade with that outfit. Meanwhile, Suzy wears a very fluffy  jacket, mini-skirt, and a pair of those Jeffrey Campbell “Lita” boots. My only problem is her jacket, which reminds me of a rug.

Do you like this shoot?

(Vogue Girl, Missafacts)