CF queens SNSD have a new brand–Casio and this time they’re advertising watches. Cute, colorful, chunky watches. There’s nothing special about SNSD having a new endorsement, considering how they seem to get a new one every month, but there’s something undeniably adorable about their latest CF. Rather than nude colors or jewel-tones, mini-dresses or floor-length gowns, SNSD’s styling for Casio Baby-G consists of colorful jerseys, fun makeup, and bright backgrounds. Rather than looking garish, the bright styling went together well for an urban, youthful look. I’ve always had a soft spot for fashion that combines tomboyishness with femininity. The contrasting styles go together nicely if worn right, and SNSD’s candy-colored varsity jackets and jerseys, heeled sneakers, intense eyeshadow, and clunky accessories wonderfully unite masculinity with femininity.

The behind-the-scenes making video of the CF shows the variety of different styles and textures applied to the girls. Altogether, they’re dressed like bubblegum candy dolls with sparkly eyes and knee-socks. Seohyun wears a green tank, maroon skirt, and matching striped knee-socks. Her orange chain necklace added some pop to the outfit but the flared skirt and bejeweled eyes kept her look essentially girly. Next to her, Sooyoung wears a pink varsity jacket and mauve-colored knee-socks. She’s also the only member to wear shorts (it’s impossible to see what’s under Hyoyeon’s long tank dress) and her look is definitely more boyish than the others. The girly colors create a nice contrast to the masculinity of the outfit. Jessica’s outfit is also matchy-matchy, comprising of yellow and navy. Hers and Yoona’s are the most uncreative, as they have nothing striking to play their outfits up. Sunny looks endearingly cute with her tiny little ponytail, but her outfit was also a little boring. Tiffany looked great in her all-white outfit. The white stood out against her teammate’s otherwise colorful outfits and complimented her russet-colored hair. I loved her eye makeup in the CF with jewels dotted around her pretty eyes. Taeyeon’s outfit doesn’t match, the mauve socks looking a little odd with the yellow skirt and blue jacket, but it’s cutely tomboyish. Like Jessica and Yoona, Yuri doesn’t have much to rave about with her outfit. Lastly, Hyoyeon wears an oversized green tank, embodying “bottomless fashion,” because you cannot see if she’s wearing shorts under that. The dress is long enough that it doesn’t really matter, though. The boxy dress doesn’t enhance Hyoyeon’s amazing figure in any way but it does show off her great legs.

 Aside from the group photo, the girls had individual photos. In their individual photos, they each had a slightly different theme. Yoona’s concept was a tiny bit more upscale than the others. She wears a white dress, a fur thrown over her shoulder, and can be seen with a macaroon in one scene in the video. Her arms are polka-dotted to match her bracelets, and although the holed dress and fur are a random combination, she looks quite cute. Hyoyeon had a more rocker-style theme. She wore a leather jacket covered with stars and a neon yellow crop top, a lightning bolt stretching from her right eye. This theme better suits Hyoyeon than a cutesy, girly theme would and she looked great. Sunny’s theme was more childish, most likely to go along with her “aegyo queen” image. I liked her mime-like makeup, both her eyes having wigged-out shadow in different colors, and liked how the lollipop complimented the vibrant color scheme.

Taeyeon’s picture reads “smart” but she looks rather silly with her odd headgear. The pink streak in her hair worked well with the photo shoot’s theme but the skirt and shirt combo is a little odd. Yuri looks sexy as always in her picture, half her hair pinned back and a star-beauty mark below her eye. The purple lips were different and fun and went with her colorful jacket. Unlike the others, Jessica’s theme was more dreamy. Flowers fall from her hair, a braid is weaved across her head, her clothing is soft and floating, and even her scene in the video has a soft, dreamy quality to it. Jessica works great with soft, feminine concepts and looked beautiful with her styling.

Sooyoung’s theme was the most boyish of the nine. Her hair was curled and pulled forward in an Elvis-sort of style, she wore a sleeveless blue vest, a white shirt, chunky belt, and had paint splatters on her hands. Despite her odd hairstyle, Sooyoung looked amazing. Tiffany looked like a punk princess in her black-and-pink outfit, a crown on her head and a strap across her chest with special attention paid to her nails. Aside from this look, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Yoona can be seen wearing black dresses in the video, doing more sophisticated ads it seems like. Finally, Seohyun has great makeup, but I question her stylist’s choice of the scrunchy, the orange fur, feathers, and… wand. Her outfit looked the most randomly thrown together.

I found the Casio Baby-G ads to be entertaining. What do you think of them, Seoulmates?

(My Girls Generation)